10+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2021

In this article, we'd be seeing the top small business ideas to set up in Kenya even without having much capital.

As we all know, the first step in starting a successful business is having a good business idea. 2020 is almost over, in a few weeks, we'd be wishing our friends and family members a Happy New Months, after which, we return back to our normal businesses.

Whether you're new in the business world or interested in setting up a new business to support your current source of income, in this article we'd be guiding you on some very lucrative business ideas that you can venture into in Kenya for maximum revenue and profit.

20 profitable business ideas in Kenya

Many the businesses we'd be listing are still untapped, and from different industries that would do great in the Kenyan market.

• Poultry business

10+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2021

Poultry farming or business involves raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat or eggs for food. It is one of the easiest businesses you can venture into, and your profit is sure. Everyone easts chicken and other poultry products like eggs.
In setting up a poultry farm, you need to define your target market to understand who you intend selling to and how you intend reaching out to them. Once your business becomes known, generating sales won't be that much of an issue again.

• Travel agency

10+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2021

With the rate at which the tourism industry is booming in Kenya, setting up a travel agency will no doubt, help you achieve financial freedom. A travel agent is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of suppliers.
Services you can be providing as a travel agent can include travel insurance, car rentals, railways, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, guide books, bureau de change services and more.

• Selling of cement

While cement business isn't really a small business, it is one of the most profitable businesses to venture into in Kenya, considering the rate of at which the country is developing. With the massive constructions going in here and there, the demand for cement and other building materials is in the increase and you can tap into that.
If you have enough capital, you can even consider venturing into cement manufacturing. It is capital intensive but will eventually pay off in the future.

• Pest control business

Agriculture is the new norm and all farmers require pest and disease control mechanisms. Pest control involves killing the potentially harmful insects, rodents, reptiles from farms, abandoned homes, commercial and residential properties.
One good thing about this business is that it offers you a steady income. You'll be in business all seasons, from January to December.

• Soap production

Soap making is one of the most lucrative businesses you can venture into with a little capital. The most important part of the business is learning how to produce the soaps.
When I talk about soap making, I don't just mean the tablets. You can earn a regular income by making and selling other products like liquid soap, detergents, shaving soaps and more.

• Start a driving school

Are you good at driving and passionate about teaching people? Then you can start driving school. It is capital intensive, but will eventually pay off once the business gets running. With the rate at which our country is developing, more teens are getting access to cars and interested in learning how to drive them.
Just like every other business, you can start small and expand once you start getting customers. With this business, you're sure of a steady flow of income.

• Real estate agency

10+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2021

Do you know that you don't have to own a plot of land to become a real estate agent? Yes, you just need the power to persuade people to patronise your client. There are many land brokers in Kenya that you can partner in this business.
How does the business work? You convince your client to buy a plot of land or property from your broker. Once the deal goes successful, you earn your commission, some brokers will even pay as much as 50% for a successful deal.

• Selling of cars

This is also another business you can venture into with little or no capital. In the normal sense, selling of cars involves millions, and you have to have a good capital before thinking of venturing into it.
But thanks for the internet, ordinary people now have access to big businesses unlike before. Nowadays, you just have to partner with an automobile dealer who will pay you commissions on any successful deal.

• Private teaching lesson

Can you teach? If yes, with your degree, you can earn a living by teaching children after school. This is a very lucrative, yet untapped business idea. You can teach different subjects, depending on your area of expertise and the level of your students.
You can organise a small place where the lessons will be going on. A small house to house advert will help you. You can also contact schools to make the announcement for a little charge. If you get up to 20 students, you know how much you'd be making?

• Janitorial service

Thanks to technology, people are now getting busier with their day to day jobs and looking for alternatives means of attending to their chores. While many people still clean their homes themselves, the number of families that hire the services of commercial cleaners have greatly increased over the past few years.
As a janitor, your primary duty will be to clean your client's building. It can be a school, hospital or even a residential apartment.

• Start a Gym

10+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2021

Starting a gym business in Kenya is one passionating, yet profitable business that hasn’t been considered well enough, probably because of the expenses needed to build up one. Even though setting up a gym or fitness centre isn't easy, it can be extremely rewarding if you’re willing to put in the hard work.
The most important thing to put into consideration while venturing into this business is your location. With the right marketing strategies, your gym will in no distant time, turn into the talk of the town.

Other lucrative small scale businesses you can venture into in Kenya

Snail farming
• Fast food service
• Selling snacks and drinks
• Event planning
• Mobile phone repair
• Advertising services
• E-Commerce store
• Vehicle repair and detailing
• Graphic design service
• Dating site
• Fruit vending and juice production
• Open a gaming centre
• Tailoring
• Barbing salon business
• Aqua-culturing business
• Taxi driving
• Fruit  and vegetable vending
• LPG gas refill
• Plumbing
• Furniture business
• Courier service
• Car wash
• Waste recycling
• Professional consultancy
• Restaurant

What did I miss? Feel free to drop them in the comment section below. If you have any enquiries, also feel free to ask us in the comment section.
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