Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door (Full Course On Blogging)

Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door
Things are fast changing, and the days whereby people visit libraries to get information and newspaper stands to read about past events are gradually sliding away.
You can now from the comfort of your bedroom, enjoy the latest ‘gist’ while saving the thousands you would have spent on papers.

Now, who updates those websites and information resources? Many people still believe those information come from Google, or some techies somewhere are constantly actively answering their questions… haha!
It’s not really so. These websites and information resources are managed by normal humans like you and I, and the same data you spend watching YouTube videos and reading their contents is converted to real cash for them!


Well, there is no place your data is converted to money first of all, but there are thousands of ways you can make money from people visiting your website, even if they do not buy anything!

Take a sip of coffee, this might be a bit long!

My story…

My name is Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi, and I am a twin blogger, freelance writer, affiliate marketer, YouTuber and Forex trader.

I started my internet career a few years ago, and to be frank, I was broke as hell, if hell is actually broke.

Hungry in school, my twin and I used our pocket allowance to purchase our first domain name, and without any proper guidance, dived into blogging.

After about 6 months of inconsistencies, our first blog paid us and we had to quit it after a while.

We launched our second blog, InfoGuideAfrica.com and it paid us the first money after just a a few weeks (three plus).

Do you notice anything?

The first was for learning, and the second was for earning. We could have blogged for another 6 months without earning, but since we had the knowledge, it took us just three weeks and a few days to make back more than 3 times the amount we invested in creating the site.
• We didn’t spend on ads
• No cheats and blackhat
• Almost all our our own traffic are gotten from search engines
• Advertisers contact us on their own
• We don’t pay for hosting, and our domain took us less than $1
• No, it is not impossible. You too can.
After blogging for more than 3 years, I came out to know some secrets which most bloggers won’t tell you.
I get so much sponsored post offers and requests that I comfortably reject the ones which do not suit my standard.

How is this possible?

There are several Facebook groups where Indians, Americans, Canadians and even Americans join to get sponsored posts.

I have been such groups since 2017, and have been getting reasonable amount of offers from them.
Some of the clients I get from there pay me more than $70 for a post on my blog, some pay around $15… Lol! You just have to accept both because the later come more.

Aside that, I get an average of three sponsored emails everyday.
Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door
It is not magic, and I don’t even struggle for it.
Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door
And yes, that is my PayPal email, with the transactions.

Today is 6th April, and I made $27 after the PayPal deductions. On the 6th I made $4, and on the 3rd I made $42.

How much is your physical business paying you monthly?

In three days I have made more than $70 from sponsored posts on one of my blogs alone. That’s more than ₦25,000.

Aside that, I also make money from ad networks.

I use only MGID, and I made $138 which would be paid by the ending of the month.
Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door
That’s not all, I make cool money from selling stuff on my website.

Yes, there are hot niches that you would be writing on, and you can sell everyday of your life!

How Can You Learn All These?

In the past few months, I have been getting a lot of messages from people who tell me they got my number online, and would want to learn blogging.

I coached a few, and one of my friends (we became friends during the blogging classes) finished, and in about five weeks, he made more than ₦40,000 from his blog.
But then, organising such classes have always been stressful for me, and expensive for the students as well. I was charging nothing less than ₦35,000, and not everyone can afford this.

Well, a change came in, and I packaged everything in a course:

Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door

Yes, an exclusive blogging guide for beginners, with a total of 152 pages, covers everything you need to know to set up the spark in your career:

What does this ebook cover?

• Introduction to blogging, what it is all about and several mistakes newbies make that harm their careers
• How to set up your own blog on WordPress and/or Blogger (with link to a paid ebook, free. I have already paid for that)
• 30 hottest niches to join as a blogger. Some niches will frustrate you, but I listed about 30 that do not need more than 3 hours work a day, and you can be making more than $600 a month.
• Overview of Alexa ranking, domain authority and page authority and how I managed to grow my own to the level they are now. Please note that for advertisers to patronise you, you must have good stats and these are the major way of checking for that.
• Hot traffic sources you should never mess with. I shared my little secret on how I grew InfoGuideAfrica.com from 800 daily page views to more than 20,000 daily page views without any paid advertising.
• Link to more than 20 secret Facebook groups where I join to get daily sponsored posts on my blog. I landed clients who pay me more that $50 per post from these groups. Most Nigerian bloggers do not know that such groups exist, and most sponsored posts I get from there are from Indians, Americans, UK and Palestinians.
• More than 20 websites that you can sign up to in order to start getting sponsored posts to your website.
Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door
The screenshot above is from one of my websites, Know.com.ng. I host is on Blogger, and the domain name cost me just ₦1,250 a year.

Basically, the only thing I spend on the site is ₦1,250 per year, and I don’t spend a dime advertising it on Facebook, Twitter or anything. I only used a few SEO tips, and have not even updated the site since 2020 but sponsored posts keep coming in. This is just from one of the brands I signed up with, and I shared it in the tutorial.

Even if you don’t want to sign up for anything, or need an extra stream of income, I also shared an amazing tip on how you can pitch brands to come and advertise on your site, with a template that has been working for me since 2016.
• There are also links to our exclusive WhatsApp and Telegram channel where we share premium earning tips, tricks and opportunities to our customers. It is free for life, and I will be sharing hot earning opportunities as soon as they come one board!
• Over 30 well paying ad networks that you can use on your blog, and 3 biggest tips that helped me get more than 20 AdSense accounts approved.
• More than 25 affiliate marketing websites that you can join to make money online. One of the affiliate marketing sites I worked for made me $372 in a month, and they eventually suspended Nigerians… Lol! I didn’t include that in the ebook since it is no more necessary, but I included others which pay more than. We’ll also be updating you with any more opportunity and trends in the WhatsApp and Telegram groups.
There’s so much to learn in the 152 pages guide, and it is almost free! I mean, for the early birds, you can purchase this guide for just ₦2,500.
By the ending of the month, I take it back to ₦4,000 and the discount is over.

How can you grab your own copy?

You can pay and download it immediately after paying through Gumroad or Paystack , or you can call/WhatsApp me via +2349072979302.

Subsequently, you can shoot us an email via [email protected].
Purchase Now:
• Paystack (₦4,500 only, if you're paying in Naira) - Click Here
• Gumroad ($6.99 only, if you're paying in USD) - Click Here

Why should you be a blogger?

• Blogging is very lucrative, and also almost free. I spend only $17 on my website’s domain name, but it makes me at least $800 a month.
• The sky is so big for every bird, and the internet is so big for every blogger. Even if a particular niche is already so saturated (though it is never possible), there are several others you can join.
• There are thousands of ways to make money through any particular blog, and there are no limits to any amount you make.
• Blogging will give you relevance. I’ve had meetings with celebrities, influential people, politicians and even top pastors all because I run a blog, and I know what I’m doing.
• You will get the opportunity to advertise your products free to the world. I’ve sold tons of my own products and other people’s own. My ebook on freelance writing has sold over 700 copies and still selling. I don’t pay to advertise it, nothing at all.

Any guarantees?

Well, perfectly yes!

If you purchase the guide, do the things in it and don’t make your first ₦30,000 blogging in six weeks, message me with the number I dropped above on my WhatsApp, tell me that my tutorial didn’t work for you and I’ll refund your payment.

But if it works, don’t forget to come and say thank you… haha!
Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends. Let’s make this money together!
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