Meet Tracy Zille, The Twitter User That Enjoys Dissing Africa

Tracy Zille

In the Twitter world, you'll meet different kinds of people, from entertainers to bloggers and renowned politicians of different parts of the world. Have you ever imagined having an account just for dissing a particular country? If yes, you'll need to have a mentor like Tracy Zille. With over 70,000 followers and still gaining more, she has no doubt been able to create a niche as a 'criticizer' of the blacks.

On her Twitter handle, you'll see different tweets of her attacking the blacks. Below are some of her tweets:

'Do you know that if we take away all cars that are not made in Africa you will be left with no choice but to ride donkeys or walk. Your lazy leaders are too comfortable with buying from Europe and Asia instead of producing in Africa. Take Covid19 vaccine and shutup #tracyzille'

'Africa will remain poor until Africans learn to love each other as Blacks. Europeans are united and their countries use one currency which is Euro (€). African money don't have value because it is used by individual countries. One Africa One Currency One Nation #tracyzille'

'Africans are busy bleaching their skin and wearing weaves to look like Whites while their leaders are busy giving away mining land and farms to Europeans. Now, Europeans used money from your mines & farms to produce Covid19 vaccine that your leaders are going to buy #tracyzille'

'African leaders are treated in oversea Hospitals. If the Vaccine was made in Africa, your leaders were going to leave it and travel oversea for Vaccination. Covid19 is a reminder that Africans are led by corrupt elders with no interest in the Development of Africa. #tracyzille'

'In African you eat and drink food that is processed in European and Asian countries. You work like slaves in farms but all fruits and vegetables are taken to Europe and Asia for processing. If Covid19 vaccine is poison, what about other products you are eating? #tracyzille'

'Africans allowed their leaders to eat billions of Covid19 funds with their families and friends. Use your brains, the vaccine is not meant to kill you but to make you poor. You are going to borrow money from Europe to buy vaccine from Europe and remain slaves forever #tracyzille'

'Deep down you want to Slaughter a cow, put a tent and have your wedding in your village where everyone invite themselves and honestly celebrate your wedding without passing judgements. But the White person in you want a venue in town with a guest list of your coconut friends.'

Who is Tracy Zille?

Not much is known about Tracy Zille's biography, as she has successfully hidden her identity from the public. From our observations, she'd probably be a blogger. She regularly shares articles from search67.com on her Twitter wall.

Checking the Whois record of the search67.com domain, one would see that it was registered on 25th May 2018 in South Africa (ZA). Tracy, on the other hand, created the @tracyzille Twitter account in June 2020.

With this, we'll have to assume that she already had a Twitter account prior to June or maybe, she doesn't even own the account.

On search67.com's contact page, it described the website as an online news publication published by Volongonya (Pty) Ltd. It is registered in South Africa.

Who is handling the Tracy Zille Twitter account?

EWN.co.za earlier reported that the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has traced the individual responsible for the 'Tracy Zille' Twitter account. Mr Chris Nissen, the SAHRC commissioner revealed that they had garnered sufficient evidence of hate speech and that the matter would be referred to the Equality Court.

The commission also added that it could not confirm or deny the person's name until it had informed him of the charge.

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