5 Things You Need To Know About Nigerian-Born Singer, Ozonna Soludo

Ozonna Soludo biography

In this article, we'd be seeing some amazing information you'd love to know about Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ozonna Soludo. If there are just 100 Nigerian parents interested in having their kids follow their career paths, I guess Prof. Charles Soludo should be on the list. He has over the years, amassed great success in his career, handling several top positions at both national and international levels.

Being the son of a professor, many would have expected Ozonna Soludo to follow a part similar to his Dad's, but nature has different parts for us. He has found unconditional love for music and put in a lot of work towards pursuing his goals.

Ozonna Soludo Profile

The official biography of Ozonna Soludo isn't available, but we've compiled some amazing information that will help you known him better.
• Ozonna Soludo was born on the 11th of February 1994 in Nigeria. He left the shores of the country for London at a very tender age. He has been described by top media outlets as 'a Nigerian born, London raised and New York-based genius in the art and craft of music'.
• Soludo studied at the Institute of Contemporary Music, London, and is using this medium to herald his intentions to bless his fans and lovers of quality music in Nigeria with his unique sounds by bringing it home.
Ozonna - We Glow
• As an actor, he was featured in a 2018 movie titled 'Mercury'. The movie was directed by Kyla Simone Bruce and edited by Reza Jouze. It featured other talented actors like Azi Brown, Harriet Cains, Isabella Laughland, Gloria Price, Corin Silva and others.
• Ozonna blessed with an ability to skillfully blend diverse rhythms, penning insightful lyrics and vocals ranging from bass to falsetto. His music is described as an arresting fusion of pop, dance, African rhythms and other world music influences.
• He has performed all through London, opening for the likes of Alice Gold, Kyla La Grange, We Have Band and Chrystal Fighters. His first show in New York was hosted by Atlantic Records executive Rahim Wright.
Some of his songs include; 'We Glow', 'Wonderland', 'Corrupt Mind', 'Believe It, To See It', 'Smile'. The songs are contained in his debut EP titled, 'Believe It, To See It'.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Ozonna Soludo on:
Instagram @ozonna_
Facebook: Ozonna Soludo

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