Want to Pass a Drug Test- Use Quick Fix Fake Urine

Want to Pass a Drug Test- Use Quick Fix Fake Urine

Synthetic urine is fake urine that is utilized to defeat or pass a drug test. The artificial urine is produced to look like human urine uncontaminated. It has no evidence of drugs or other elements such as opiates, marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal drugs that would make an individual fail a drug test. There are quick-fix kits that can be used for this purpose.

There are so many companies and firms that depend on drug tests of new and present workers. This way, they will get to know if their employees are under any drugs or not. But this only works if the tests are reliable and trustworthy.

You will see people out there that use fake urine to pass a test. This way, they stay safe and are not caught. If the fake testing is used properly, there is a 100% guarantee you will pass the test and will not be questioned any further.

The ingredients include:

• Uric acid

• Urea

• Realistic pH of resembling real urine

• Creatine, a substance produced by the kidneys

Fake urine is a high-end invention that has a practical biochemical structure, odor, and appearance resembling real urine.

Is There Something Else You Should Include in Fake Urine?

Nothing should be put into the sample, and there is no need to remove the fake urine out of its genuine container. Every single bottle of synthetic urine has been accurately examined and checked with a lab kit before it is packed. All samples of fake urine collected are in the ready to use state.

Temperature Ranges for Your Fake Urine

If the fake urine sample is hot, and you do not get a precise reading, you have heated your sample beyond the range.. Just put it on the stand and let it cool down until a green line readout on the temperature band that is given with your sample bottle.

Lowering of temperature could take a few minutes, so you should be tolerant. Once the sample bottle has cooled, you can replicate the procedure until you get it right.

Cooling or refrigerating the fake urine is not necessary or suggested. It is better to keep your fake urine sample at normal room temperature, and it will be work very well. It is important to remember that prolonged periods of direct sunlight can spoil the pH readings of the sample.

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Mean Life of a Fake Urine Sample

Fake urine samples have a standard mean life of 2-3 years. In every box of the samples, you will get a green strip/card. This is very vital as it contains both instructions and the processing date of the fake urine as well. The processing date of your fake urine is either mentioned on the box outside or on the bottle; look for it carefully.

This processing date will allow you to know how old your sample is and when it will expire. It is highly suggested that you verify the expiry date before every use, so you don’t end up in a problem.

The Quick Fix Fake Urine products are not intended for any illegal purposes. The buyer agrees it is not to be used to defeat lawfully administered drug tests and it will only be used in accordance with all applicable laws.

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