How Does Creating Online Community Websites Help Grow Businesses?

How Does Creating Online Community Websites Help Grow Businesses?

WordPress has no doubt, become more accessible over the years, offering its users more impressive features, plugins, themes and more. The platform successfully enables businesses to create engaging and interactive websites, building an online community with WordPress community themes has become a regular norm with many businesses indulging in developing their online community to scale their work operations. 

Creating an online community comes with a unique set of perks and benefits. Having access to your exclusive community which inevitably advocates and markets your brand as well as develops a stable customer pool to generate income is one of the few incredible advantages that an online community offers to regular small and large businesses. Let's discuss at length, what online community websites are and how they can contribute to the overall growth of the business. 

What Is An Online Community?

An online community can be attributed as a virtual space or domain which is inspired by Facebook and hosts a social media platform/networking website. Online community websites are incredibly easy to make with the help of WordPress and the available themes and plugins accessible with the CMS add more productivity and value to such online community domains. 

An online community acts as a social networking platform where users can create their member profiles, have a facility to add and delete friends and family, have access to a Facebook-like activity stream or news feed, and also have an option to chat and send instant messages to friends and family. Online communities have become a trend with large and small businesses owing to the unique advantages of creating an online community website for any business and independent brand. 

Buddyx Community Theme
Buddyx Community Theme

How Do Community Websites Help A Business Grow Profitable And Prosperous? 

A community website built using digital WordPress themes has immense potential to sustain a business for a long and assist the brand in generating revenue through widespread exposure and novel marketing techniques. 

• Free Marketing Platform

We have seen countless brands and businesses spend millions of dollars devising the right marketing campaigns to boost the business proceedings and help a business create an outstanding position in its entrepreneurial pursuit. Having a community website will eliminate that expenditure by boosting the brand's image and offering products and services that are required by the customers across the platform.

 A community website will be fluent in hosting a set of audiences with whom a brand can regularly stay in touch and keep them updated with their new range of commercial products. These products can be later purchased and used by the community members which can provide valuable feedback to expedite sales. Brands can also use the feedback acquired to make necessary changes in the product and make it suitable for the masses.

• Customer Advocacy

Once a brand has successfully amassed a decent social media following, they can regularly post engaging content and keep them updated on their recent products and services range. Once the customers have become satisfied with the company's products and have developed a loyal customer base, they can later be turned into what is commonly acknowledged as brand advocates who will publicize the essential requisites of the brand to other people which will naturally maximize your sales output. 

Customer advocacy requires dedicated time and planning which can take up to years to form a customer base that is ready to purchase your products solely because they have developed an unquestionable brand following for your products and are interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with your enterprise. 

• Increased Sales And Referrals. 

Creating a community as a part of a digital marketing campaign can also bring substantial profits and revenue for an associated enterprise. The online community cultivated by the brand over the years as a result of their devoted following can engage in religiously purchasing your products resulting in referral marketing tactics where the existing customers end up inviting their friends and family to invest their stake in your website. 

Online community websites inculcate a sense of unity and trust between a brand and its users which results in helping a brand seek regular and stable sales and seek equilibrium at the same time. Such websites also help enterprises establish brand supremacy while competing with other similar contenders and rivals. 

• Attentive Customer Support 

Community WordPress websites are known for their impeccable customer support. An online community website solely works on the principle of making your customer feel valued and satisfied at all possible costs. A community that is hosting a dedicated pool of customers will always have accelerated demands that have to be addressed immediately to build a powerful brand image and to seek recognition as an attentive brand that is caring towards its community members. 

Having an online community website can help a business seek immediate redressal of their customer's impending queries and satiate all their growing inquiries. This will further foster a customer's faith towards the brand's rapid grievance redressal policy and will affirm their trust in the enterprise proceedings which will again prove instrumental in making a business grow prosperous. 

• Manufacturing Customer Driven Product 

Having an online community means having a virtual space where your users and clients can holistically voice their opinions and provide feedback which is essential for your enterprise to grow and sustain for long. Introducing your newly launched products and services to your community members and registering their valuable feedback to make necessary amends in your product will naturally strengthen your sales record and will offer a strong and regular sales output that will eventually make your business govern an incredible social standing. 


Creating a community website as a part of digital marketing campaigns has now acquired a contemporary trend and has compelled all large and small enterprises to dabble their stakes in the process. Similarly, a community website can be a novel addition to any brand which can feel prosperity through regular client interactions and building a social reputation that is accepted and revered by people across the internet. Let us know if this article helped you figure out the benefits of having a community website in the comments section below.

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