Tennis: The History Of An Iconic Sport

Tennis: The History Of An Iconic Sport

In today's world everyone knows about the existence of such a sport as tennis. Watching the tennis players is very fascinating. The game becomes even more interesting when a fan starts betting on the sport. Many players understand the basic rules of tennis, but do not know how the sport came to be. The history of tennis is quite fascinating and largely explains the importance of these competitions.

The basic rules of tennis

This sport is designed for singles competition between players, or a game of two-on-two. Traditionally, tennis exists in this form. The task of the players is quite simple: using rackets, it is necessary to direct the ball to each other. In the course of the game tennis players get points. They are awarded if the ball touches the court more than once on the side of one of the sportsmen. In this situation, the opponent of the sportsman who made a mistake receives points. 

Tennis matches consist of sets, which in turn are divided into games. In one match there are usually either three or five sets. A player is considered the winner of a match if they win at least two sets out of three or three out of five. The game has its own rules, which are monitored by the referee. 

How tennis appeared

No one knows the exact date of the sport's appearance. It is believed that in the Middle Ages European kings and their entourage loved the game, remotely resembling modern tennis. Of course, the format of the game was quite different from today. According to available information, at that time the ball was beaten only with their hands, a little later they began to use special leather gloves. Originally wooden balls were used. Then, apparently, it became apparent that they are not very comfortable. Leather versions came to replace them,

Initially, this game accompanied various ceremonies, where it served as entertainment for the elite. Later, tennis became more popular. At some point, the ball stopped hitting with his hand, and began to use a special device. In fact, it looked very distantly like a racket. Rather, it was an ordinary stick of small size.

Gradually the game spread throughout Europe. The French were the first to recognize tennis more or less officially. It happened somewhere in the 16th century, perhaps later. They called it "the game of the palm. Such entertainment was especially popular at the court of the king, the nobility began to play the ball en masse in their leisure time, not only on holidays. 

We also owe the very name of tennis to the French. It is believed that at the beginning of matches the French said to each other "tenez". This word means "to play". It is quite possible that this verb was the basis of the name of the game. 

Tennis was called the "royal" game. For the time of the French Revolution the game was forgotten.

It is believed that modern tennis in the form in which it is familiar to us, has existed since the 19th century. During this time, the game regained popularity and began to spread even more rapidly around the world. Key events of this time:

• 1872-the establishment of the first club;

• 1873-the publication of the first rules by Major Walter Wingfield.

It is the figure of Wingfield that is considered one of the most significant in the history of tennis. Major was very fond of entertaining their guests by playing tennis. He claimed that the game was reminiscent of an ancient Greek pastime. Nobody knows how trustworthy this information is, but it was Wingfield who first formed the rules of tennis and described them in great detail.

Moreover, in 1874, Wingfield legally received a patent on these rules, and with it - a patent on the equipment for the game. At the time, the game was called "lawn tennis," which means "lawn tennis. Also in use at the time was the name "spherical," which comes from the ancient Greek word and practically means "ball game." It was "lawn tennis" that could be called the first formed version of modern lawn tennis.    

Since the end of the 19th century there has been a rapid emergence of the game all over the world. The first tennis courts appear in America, tennis became popular in Asia and Russia. At that time there were no tennis courts in the modern sense. Wingfield argued that the game should be played on a special field that looked like an hourglass, but in most cases simple croquet courts were used.

It was in the 19th century that the first tennis tournaments appeared, namely the Wimbledon tournament, which managed to survive to this day. Later other championships appeared, including Grand Slam tournaments, and tennis officially became an Olympic sport.


The history of tennis as a sport is quite extensive and problematic. The game has been repeatedly forgotten, it has been modified, and many people did not understand its meaning. Now, however, the situation has changed significantly. Tennis is known and loved all over the world. Being a tennis player has become prestigious. Thousands of fans from all over the world regularly follow different championships, watching how the events on the court develop.

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