Esport News: Celebrity Calibrations

Celebrities Getting Involved With Esports

Esport News: Celebrity Calibrations

The esports industry is growing in popularity every day and more celebrities are starting to get involved. The breaking news is that Manchester United player Jesse Lingard has acquired an esports organisation, which further shows how the industry is thriving. 

We’re going to take a closer look at the footballer’s takeover of Audacity Esports, as well as some of the other notable celebrity names that have become synonymous with the industry.

Jesse Lingard

The Manchester United midfielder has acquired the UK-based esports organisation Audacity Esports, according to developer Ubisoft. The Rainbow Six Siege lineup, currently known as Team JLE, will be renamed JLINGZ Esports and compete in the next season of the UK and Ireland Nationals as part of the partnership.

Jesse Lingard, who is also a member of the England national team, said “My JLINGZ brand has been developing for years, but now diving into esports and adding my own teams with JLINGZ is a dream come true, like hitting the jackpot using a maxbet online. For me, esports has it all. It's fast-paced and competitive, with a terrific community, and it's been nice to have Ubisoft's help along the way”. 

So keep an eye on JLINGZ Esports, since they're going all out! JLINGZ Esports hopes to qualify for the European Challenger League in 2022, in addition to making a legacy in Rainbow Six Siege. Although, the footballer will be changing up the current team substantially!

Sam Williams, Skiddy, Lewis ‘Xumi' Coulson, Joshua ‘Nerf' Frost, Jack ‘Blackout' Greenwell, and Aleksi ‘Movetaho' Kuoppa were all former members of Team JLE. Only captain Williams will continue with JLINGZ Esports, according to numerous announcements on Twitter. 

Will Attwood, Ubisoft UK's Esports Marketing Manager, added his two cents, “We're ecstatic to have Jesse on board. We're looking forward to someone who knows everything there is to know about competing at the highest level bringing his knowledge to the UK and Ireland. Rainbow Six Esports and the UK & Ireland Nationals are growing in popularity. Having someone as well-known and regarded as Jesse Lingard engaged speaks much about the game.”

Lingard isn’t the only Premier League player to take an interest in esports, however, and he joins the likes of David Beckham, Harry Maguire, and Dominic Calvert-Lewin who are also esport admirers. Lingard and JLINGZ Esports, hopefully, will achieve their objectives and offer entertaining gameplay to the present Rainbow Six Siege scene.

Esport News: Celebrity Calibrations
Sean Combs

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has a long history of financial expertise, which has brought him to the esports sector. In 2018, Combs joined a group of investors, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Adidas, and Samsung, to invest nearly $30 million in the PlayVS Esports organisation. PlayVS is a platform for high school and college esports contestants to discover opportunities, but it isn't a legitimate sports organisation in the same way that the NCAA is. Still, it is striving to shape the future of esports by offering leagues, scheduling, and infrastructure for various esports games.

PlayVS not only has the support of traditional sports and entertainment media, but it also has collaborations with game developers who have produced well-known esports titles. Moreover, PlayVS appears to have a decent chance of remaining a significant player in the esports sector because of partnerships with Psyonix (Rocket League) and Hi-Rez Studios (Smite).

Steph Curry

Team SoloMid (TSM) has been a household brand in the League of Legends community for years. When Riot Games announced a professional League of Legends league in North America, TSM was one of the first teams to sign up. It raised a vast quantity of investment funds, with NBA star Steph Curry contributing to that hefty sum.

Curry teamed together with Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, NBA player Andre Iguodala, and NFL Hall of Famer, Steve Young. Their $37 million investment went toward a range of projects, including a colossal esports centre in Los Angeles to enhance the team's fan interaction, in addition to securing a franchise slot in the professional League of Legends community. TSM has grown beyond League of Legends into several other esports titles. The company also competes in games like Super Smash Bros., Overwatch, PUBG, and Fortnite.


Drake helped to popularise esports when he joined Ninja on a Fortnite stream in 2018 and broke the record for the most-watched stream by a single player on Twitch. Even though Ninja was already a popular streamer and Fortnite was already a popular game, this brought both to a broader audience.

Drake's continued investment in the esports business should come as no surprise. He teamed up with entrepreneur Scooter Braun to invest substantially in the squad 100 Thieves, a League of Legends Championship Series franchise squad, just months after his appearance with Ninja. Drake already had a deal with the company, collaborating on clothes and taking branded gaming stations on one of his world tours. This investment also made him a co-owner of the team, with Drake and Braun serving as strategic advisers to 100 Thieves.

These are just some of the celebrities that are getting involved in the esports industry and with its growth expected to continue, it’s safe to say that many more celebrities will jump on the esports bandwagon.

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