5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Roof and Gutter Cleaning

5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Roof and Gutter Cleaning
No building could be a house if it weren’t for the roofs. These fundamental structures protect us from the people around us and the harsh environment making us feel at home.

They deserve to be treated well, or else one might break their bank account trying to fix roof-related issues. Roofs are exposed to the external environment, thus are more likely to degrade or get dirty.

Leaves, twigs, litter, debris, and dirt accumulated on roofs need to be cleaned properly to maintain cleanliness and prevent damage.
Roofs are composed of several integral components, like the downspout, shingles, flashings, eaves, ridge, underlayment, roof deck, etc. 

Out of all, gutters play a pivotal role in keeping the roof clean and preventing standing water that can harm its shingles. 

Gutter Cleaning Services are offered to prevent any clogged gutters that will ultimately damage the roof.   

Professionals have the right knowledge of dealing with clogged gutters and dirty roofs. 

Here are some important facts that everyone should know about roof and gutter cleaning. 

1. Gutters are the vessels taking away the unwanted; they should be functional 24/7:

Like veins carry the deoxygenated blood away from organs, gutters take away the unwanted water containing dirt from the roof. 

Gutters open into a comparatively larger pipe called the downspout that carries the water down to the ground. 

If gutters are clogged due to any reason, the consequences can be devastating. 

● The water if not taken down will stand on the roof and collect in gutters breaking gutters and ultimately seeping into the house inflicting serious damages.  

● The situation worsens during winters when the collected water freezes. Frozen water can break gutters, damage the roofs, and are a major safety concern. 

● Overfilled gutters will cause water to spill everywhere on the ground, on your garden, on windows and doors, creating a serious mess.  

● Water overflowing from the gutters can have detrimental impacts on the basement and a house’s foundational structures. 

● If this water isn’t directed away from the house, it will cause warped walls in the basement. 

● Moist walls welcome fungal species that aren’t only a blow to the aesthetic appeal of a house but also produce a foul odor.

● Water weakens the very foundation of a building and reversing such impacts is either impossible or too costly. 

2. Clean and maintain regularly:

Roofs receive most of the dirt and debris. Almost everything flowing with the wind will land on roofs or collect in the gutters. 

Rainfall worsens the situation. Therefore, hiring professional services to clean gutters and roofs after regular intervals can help. 

Standing on the roof every other day to clean can damage it, which is why experts recommend cleaning roofs and gutters 3 times a year. 

This will prevent you from having to hire Roof Repair Services

Cleaning also extends the life of roofs and gutters by a decade or two. It saves you from having to hire installation services after every few years.

Downspout cleaning is as important as roof or gutter cleaning. You want to make sure it is not clogged. 

To do so, allow water to pass through it and observe the speed with which it reaches the ground. 

3. You can’t walk on all roof types:

You might think of walking on your roof as you clean the gutters or the roof itself. Before doing so, make sure your roof type supports weights.

Moreover, walking can dislodge shingles that can cause leakage. Therefore, it is not wise and safe to walk on a roof at all, unless you need to.  

Gutters should be cleaned while standing on a ladder, while roof cleaning is better to be left to the professionals. 

Otherwise, you will end up spending more money than the amount spent on hiring cleaning services. 

4. Do not power-wash:

Power-wash involves the use of hot water released at extremely high pressure, suitable for removing years of accumulated dirt and stains. 

Ironically, roofs that tend to protect us need protection and are very delicate so can get severely damaged if power-washed. However, periodic maintenance by Roofing edinburgh experts is important.

To achieve good results, professionals soft wash the roofs and gutters. 

A soft wash makes use of a cleaning or disinfecting agent with water. 

The cleaning process might also involve the use of solutions (Ferrous Sulfate as a major component) to kill and inhibit the growth of mosses and other algal species within the crevices. 

5. Cleaning can be dangerous:

Collected water and debris in gutters create a favorable habitat for pests and rodents that can cause diseases and will make your home look no less than a horror house from the 80s.

Before you wear your gloves and take hold of the cleaning tools make sure it is safe to start the job and not get stung by a bee or encounter a rat.

So, you must seek professional help and hire Gutter Cleaning Services. 

Here are some common animals and pests that your debris-filled gutters can host.

● Birds

● Rats

● Squirrels 

● Mice

● Mosquitoes

● Bees

● Wasps 

Getting rid of these is no less than climbing a mountain because the goal isn’t killing them but getting them somewhere away from your house, after all, humans don’t own the planet. 

Also check out gutter bird proofing.

What you need to know/do before cleaning:

1. If you wish to do the job by yourself, make sure you take safety measures.

Wear safety glasses and a mask as there will be a lot of dust and allergens, this might also protect you from the pests and insects that will be attacking you to save their abode. 

2. Only a well-balanced cleaner can get the job done flawlessly, so choose a good, balanced ladder.

3. Handpick plant debris (or use a cleaning pole) and make use of a blower to remove dirt particles.  

4. Before you climb up the ladder and start cleaning, place a bucket near you on the rooftop for collecting debris. This is better than throwing the waste on the ground, cleaning which will be a lot of work. 

5. Make sure no lives are harmed during the cleaning. Give a quick call to professionals to relocate any birds or animals. 

Who to hire?

Choosing the right service provider has always been worrying people. To choose proficient roof and gutter cleaners, read the following: 

● Cleaners should have commercial general liability insurance. This protects you from having to endure the medical bills in case of injury or from having to pay to the Roof Repair Service Providers in case of any property damage. 

● Pick the ones that have already worked with your acquaintances and they are content with the quality of the service.

● You should always opt for the service providers that have been serving people for a long time. Long years of experience implies that you will be served impeccably. 

● Make sure they use environment-friendly roof cleaning products. Our planet doesn’t deserve the amount of chemicals we release into its air and water. 

● The behavior of a cleaner cannot be ignored. Always hire patient, humble, and dedicated workers.

● The internet can help in finding reputable ones. Visit websites with authentic reviews of real past customers to separate the sketchy ones from the good ones. 

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