Top 7 Things One Should Know About Same Day PCR Test In UK

Top 7 Things One Should Know About Same Day PCR Test In UK

As covid-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world, it is becoming vital to get tested and know your status fast and accurately. There are some trusted places like MyDoc PCR testing center where you can have quick test of COVID – 19.Nearly two years down the line with the pandemic now, and most people are still confused on the best way to get tested for the virus and where to get tested. 

Covid-19 has become so devastating that in the UK,  for you to travel either in or out of the country, you must get a sameday PCR test London to show your covid-19 status. It's also crucial to have a negative covid-19 certificate when shopping in the country. 

The UK federal government has enhanced reliable testing ways like same-day PCR test London in approved health centers and certified private entities to facilitate easy and simple tests for travel.

What is a PCR test? 

A polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) is a test that detects the presence of the covid-19 virus in swab samples from your nasal, throat, and saliva. It is often referred to as the "gold standard " of covid-19 testing as it is believed to be quick, simple, and more accurate than antigen tests. 

The PCR test also detects SAR-COV-2, the virus responsible for the covid-19 infection, with much ease compared to other types of tests. 

Symptoms of covid-19 

It's advisable to immediately get a PCR test if you notice the following symptoms:

• Excessive rise of body temperature
• Unnatural, continuous, or unabated cough
• Deprived sense of smell and taste
• Headache
• Fatigue 

Top 7 Thing's You Should Know About Same Day PCR Test In UK 

• The same-day PCR test can not test blood samples. Blood samples are highly likely to be carrying antibodies released to fight the covid-19 virus; this may lead to false results as the antibodies might have crisscrossed with other pathogens in the bloodstream. 

• You are advised not to take the same-day PCR test if you have mild or no symptoms. The test may miss out on the virus, giving false results. 

• It's not advisable to eat or drink shortly before taking the PCR test. The reason being some of those food/drink residue may interfere with the results. 

• If you are using a home same-day PCR test kit, you should send it to the lab for analysis on the same day you conduct the test for reliable results. 

• People who can't work at home or travel a lot are encouraged to regularly use the same day PCR test London. This will help you keep accurate tabs on your health as new mutant variants like Omicron have been tested in the UK and are believed to be more severe. It's hence advisable to take greater caution. 

• The same-day PCR test or rapid antigen test for travel is deemed accurate as it can amplify small segments of DNA, detect the virus and give results within a few hours. 

• You don't need results from the same day PCR test London to get a vaccination in the UK as it's only required when traveling. 


With the emergence of new covid-19 mutants in the world, it's best to constantly get tested on a regular basis to keep tabs on your health. In the UK, getting a same-day PCR test London is the most accurate and reliable covid-19 test you can get with ease.

Once you know your status, as the old saying goes, "prevention is better than cure " it's best to get a covid-19 vaccine or a booster jab if you are already vaccinated. This will help protect those around you and yourself as well.

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