How To Create Great Content For Instagram In 7 Easy Steps

How To Create Great Content For Instagram In 7 Easy Steps

If you want to build your business on Instagram, you'll need to generate high-quality, best-in-class Instagram content that engages your followers. 

It is, however, easier said than done because most businesses and brands are unable to produce high-quality Instagram content. 

You can get as many likes on Instagram you want, but that won’t help your business to grow as much as you want.
Then, what should you do?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Today, we will talk about the different steps beginners should take in creating great Instagram content so that you can follow them and expand your followers. 

What Are The Problems Beginners Face In Creating IG Content?

  • They don’t have enough time to post around their optimum posting schedule.
  • They can’t strike a balance among multiple IG accounts.
  • They may not have the patience to reply to every user comment.
  • It’s difficult for them to edit photos and manage content from the small screens of smartphones.
  • It’s time-consuming to post content on different social media simultaneously.

How To Create Great IG Content?

As a millennial, creating good IG content must be in your blood, but if we take into account the problems mentioned above, it’s understandable why you cannot stay true to your instinct.


We have accumulated the 7 steps to create good IG content that will be helpful for your brand to grow.

Step 1: #Best Performing Content

Instagram is all about visual inspiration, yet an image is a broad phrase that needs to be defined when it comes to Instagram.
Share photographs that improve your visual presence and highlight the value of your business.

Maintain a narrative pattern in your photographs to the point that it becomes your signature over time.
Share the principles and ideals that your company holds. Post pictures of your workplace. Make it possible for your audience to connect with you rather than just your product or service.

Allow your company's employees to speak out on behalf of your brand. Now, check which content gets the most views, likes, and shares.

Step 2: #A Common Theme

When utilizing Instagram for business, your ultimate goal is to persuade your audience to take action. Use a similar theme to tie your profile's many photographs together.

Kitkat, a well-known chocolate brand, uses Instagram to grow its following. A few of its posts are so delectable that you'll want to take a break.

Surprisingly, that is exactly what we want at the end of the day: to change our audience's behavior through-provoking action.
This is one method for gradually growing the likelihood for your goods and establishing your brand in the minds of your target customers.

Step 3: #The Art Of Hashtags

A hashtag is a technique of labeling your photos on Instagram and connecting them to the pool of other images that have already been associated with that tag.

It's similar to sharing your image to a larger user base than your Instagram following.
It's a great approach to engage with your target audience while using Instagram for business. 

Research and compile a list of 8-10 prominent hashtags that you can utilize regularly.

Step 4: #Promotion Contests

Running advertising campaigns using Hashtags or picture contests inviting your audience to post images relevant to your company is one approach for businesses to attract more audience.

Such contests encourage your audience to get involved and engage with your business. 

This also introduces your brand to your followers' communities. 

They can get better interaction, more comments, and likes by using fantastic images and using the Hashtag for a longer period.

Step 5: #User Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a term that refers to content that users create. 

It's one of the best methods to get people talking about your brand on Instagram and other social media sites.
UGC is when users of a particular audience group share a brand’s content with or without encouragement.

This method works great for large and well-known brands; however, if you are still trying to establish your brand online, users will not write material about you unless you provide them with incentives.

Step 6: #Posting Frequency

It's critical to post regularly on Instagram to utilize it for business. 

Sending outposts when your audience is most engaged can help your company connect more effectively.
The optimal time to post on social media is when they are most likely to be active during their downtime.

It also aids in the visualization of a larger picture of your information. Plus, you can always go back and make changes or add finishing touches before posting it to Instagram.

Step 7: #Micro Blogging

In the age of rapid fixes, Instagram is gaining popularity as a microblogging platform where you can tell your product's narrative in less than 2,200 characters. 

This simplified version of blogging is an excellent method to showcase your product while also including a visual element.
You may post a tutorial, an essential update, or just the backstory of the capture.

Keep it short and sweet, and always back it up with a call to action. You can include a link to the follow-up in the bio or the end.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that we have identified the problems and mentioned their solutions, don’t you think nothing holds you back anymore?

Of course, not.
So, get out there, create some catchy Insta posts, and make things happen all by yourself.

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