Online Slots - The Beginner's Choice

Online Slots - The Beginner's Choice

Players who are new to the online casino game may find it a little overwhelming, daunting even. You have access to hundreds (if not thousands!) of different games you can play, with distinct versions within each type. Blackjack, perhaps the archetypal casino game, has over twenty varieties. 

It’s easy for your head to start spinning, with most people randomly clicking on the biggest featured option they see. Not always the best choice. In fact, for beginners, slot machines are probably the best bet.

No Skill Required 

At their core, slots are push and play. You don’t even need to look at the reels when you’re spinning them. This is why it’s the ideal way to get started, as you can start playing pretty much straight away. 

When it comes to bonuses or winning the jackpot, the beginner is just as likely to win as the seasoned veteran (much to their chagrin!). This is because it’s not based on how you play the game, rather, an individual spin is simply down to chance.

Of course, you don’t want to put a lot of coins on the line when you’re first starting out! Start small and build up slowly. You’ll soon realize there’s more to slots than just pushing a button. 

‘Hidden’ Beginner Weapon: Free Mode 

Perhaps the best way to learn is by using this hack that most players either don’t use or maybe don’t even know about: slot machine of choice, but in free mode. Don’t worry, they’re easy to find; this collection of free slots has hundreds of games you try out for free. By playing this version, you can learn how slots work without having to put your own money down. 

The slots will work exactly as they do in the ‘real’ version. Bonuses happen just as often, the game’s winning percentage doesn’t change. Whether you’re playing on an app, your tablet device, or a desktop, everything is the same. The RNG works the same, whether money is on the line or not. 

Instead of dollars or an actual currency, however, you play in credits. Think of them as the currency you actually use to create the mindset that you’re playing an actual game. Don’t just fritter them away because they’re free, or you won’t learn any strategy. 

Lots of Bonuses 

When it comes to sign-up bonuses, bp77 login slots are the most generous. Betfred, an English casino, offers 100 free spins for just a £10 stake. Energy casino gives you 50 no WR spins for your first $10 bet. And that’s just what a quick Google search gives you. You can find lots of offers like this, the online casino industry is full of them. 

For the new player, bonuses give a great opportunity to boost your coffers without having to put more money on the line. You can learn how slots work with just a small bankroll, with the free spins supplementing the learning process without risk. 

Great Entertainment 

Gambling isn’t just about making money, or at least it shouldn’t be. It can suck the fun right out of what’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, particularly if you’re new to the scene. If you’re a beginner, consider playing slots as paying for a movie ticket. You don’t expect a refund on that, right? You can have a few drinks, share a meal, chat with other players, and just have fun. 

Now we’re not saying you can’t win big when playing slots. You obviously can. The message is just that you should try and remember that you can also have fun with casinos purely as a game sometimes. And slots are some of the most entertaining casino games out there! 
How to Level Up Your Slot Skills 
While slots are the perfect go-to option for beginners, you don’t want to stay a newb for very long. And don’t worry, we won’t let you languish in beginner-land.
We leave you with some tips to help level up your game: 

It’s all about mindset. Gambling is a mindset game, developing that killer instinct. Yes, even more so than skill. Invest in being able to keep your emotions in check, using logic and strategy instead. 
Protect your bankroll. When it comes to gambling, your bankroll is sacred. Never break the rules of bankroll management. If your maximum bet limit is 2% of your total funds, always stick to it. 
Practice. It’s annoying but true: practice makes perfect. You can read as many guides as you want, but you’ll only become a good gambler by experiencing the trenches.  
Take notes. Professional gamblers learn from both wins and losses. Figure out what works, why you lost, soak up all information, and how you should approach the game going forward. 
If you’re losing, step away. The worst thing you can do is chase losses. Losing streak? It’s time to think about a restart tomorrow. 

And there you have it. We hope this overview has cleared up any nagging questions and issues you might have had about dipping your toes into the exciting world of online slots. Go forth confidently and have fun!
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