Blogging: The Easiest Way To Get Traffic From Twitter

When I first begun blogging, I didn’t know that I could get traffic from Twitter so easily. I was thinking that twitter traffic was for people who had above 50,000 followers. I was going from
Facebook groups to groups looking for traffic and trying to chip in headings that contain adult headings so as to get click through. You’ll see me putting things like “strictly 18+” and other things that I guessed people will love to see. I was spamming forums and threads just to force people to my site.

I got few Twitter followers and was trying to get enough clicks from my 200+ Twitter followers but nothing was actually coming. So sad, I quitted Twitter! It was after sometime that I returned just to use it like a normal social network, then I begun growing my followers. I wanted to get the 50,000 followers so that I could also join the people who were gaining from it.

I had around 6,000 followers and was getting 45,000 weekly impressions [not so bad]. I was now beginning to enjoy Twitter, and with my about 20,000 Facebook followers and from my 20,000 members Facebook group, I was getting some good traffic on my blog. I also had many other Traffic sources like Nairaland, NCT, Reddit, Google+ and Okada Books.
It wasn’t very encouraging because the 45,000 impressions could just be a click on your link, after all they were impressions on all your posts and each post actually had less than 200 impressions, so if I Tweeted only 5 times a week, I would never get more than 2,000 impressions that week. That was so bad of Twitter for me then. I was still suffering myself, using hashtags and engaging in discussions to help me boost the sales. Imagine where I would use a hashtag like #ResumeOrReturn to tell people to see how to make money online, no one would click through since it wasn’t their interest then. Even some other worldwide trends and hashtags like #MotivationMonday and #FollowFriday were not aiding me a bit.

After a moment, I began imagining if there was something like auto retweets, since there could be auto likes on Facebook. I just needed it for my birthday since my twin and I were to have our birthday on the 11th of August, and we needed to create that impression that we were popular.

I jumped on to Google and on the first result was a site, JustRetweet. Men, it caught my fancy and I clicked to see what was happening and it was when I came to find out and partake in the oil in there.

Just Retweet – What Is It About?

Just Retweet is a kind of exchange site, where you earn coins for retweeting people’s posts and later exchange those coins for your own retweets. You can send your post viral on Twitter even if you have 20 followers and it’s very fun.
Getting Twitter followers

I use it for two things, increasing my tweets count and getting blog traffic. That’s not so bad; I’m just using one stone to kill two birds since tweet count is also a measure for your Twitter reputation. People will value an account with 10,000 tweets and 5,000 followers more than one with 100 tweets and 10,000 followers, because the later looks more like bots.
If you say they are not bots, what made your followers discover and follow you? Twitter already has an estimated bots of about 30,000,000 and it’s so bad. Bots are like silent killers, they don’t give any impressions, likes, retweets or engagements. No blogger likes getting bot followers and that’s why I recommend growing your Twitter manually, or buying shoutouts from already popular accounts. To find out more about getting Twitter followers, you can read my post on GettingTwitter Followers free. Back to JustRetweet, to get the best out of this website, you need more than one Twitter accounts.

You can only retweet a hundred tweets each day, or you schedule more after the first. Now if you have 100 per account, then that will be 400 for four accounts and with that, you earn more coins, x4 of what you should have gotten from one and then schedule four posts at a time.

That way you’d be getting better clicks and enjoying the Twitter traffic effortlessly. Just log in once a day, schedule Tweets, add yours and get off for the day’s business. You can even get more coins faster by using the filter for bigger coins, or you can filter by niche. As for me, I just filter by coins and go my way.

Stop suffering yourself spamming threads when you deserve enough time to write wonderful blog posts. I love all my readers and will give you the best of all information. You can’t enjoy this alone, kindly drop us a comment and also use the share buttons below to distribute this post to your friends, we’ll appreciate that. Thanks for reading along.

featured image credit: Twitworkz
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