Relationship: What Do Men Really Want?

In the olden days, according to our parents mothers actually flirted but it was on a low key. If a young girl was interested in any guy, she just starts visiting him at home.
She will aid her crush's mum in different activities like sweeping, cooking, etching water and firewood, etc. The next time the parents send an info to the guy that they have found him a wife. 

Nowadays, any young girl who does these for a guy is termed desperate. Try any of these and you are believed to have lost your values. Most men would see you as a kind of worthless and wouldn't appreciate your love. 

Men would prefer to be called hunters, chasing after people who don't love them while despising those that really do just because they show it first. No matter how wealthy a girl is, she would readily adapt to any conditions. 

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Men do not always seem to appreciate that. That's why you would marry a virgin and expect her to act like a porn star in bed. Someone else would marry a village girl and expect her to be a fashion star and yet still, a man would marry someone who is a fashion freak and expect her to start covering up completely. 

Did you marry her to kill her dress senses? Man have a rethink. Reduce the amount of divorces by marrying your taste and you'll live a happy life. 

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