Blogging: How To Install WhoGoHost Custom Domain For Blogger

I'm hosting Opportunities For Youths on blogger, but I bought my domain from GoDaddy. GoDaddy is a foreign company and they made things very much easier because many people have written about them, unlike their Nigerian counterparts.
However, there are other companies like WhoGoHost and DomainKing who are based in Nigeria, but don't really show us how to install their custom domain names. It's is really very important that every blogger should purchase a custom domain, and they're not so expensive. You can get a .com.ng domain from WhogoHost at only N1,250 and a .com domain is only about N4,000, so it's a good choice. 
However, their is no place to tech you how to set it up on their dashboard, and one might even quit after trying for a while. 

How Do I Set Up My Whogohost Domain For Blogger?

Well, it's very easy to do that. It's a bit hard to find out where you can add the CNAME values for your blog.
The CNAME values can be found by clicking here or on Google with the keywords "Whogohost Blogger". It would look something like this:
You will then fill out the form as below:
  1. Enter you email ID
  2. Select a number as a security PIN
  3. Enter the domain name
  4. Enter Subdomain 1 as ‘www’
  5. Enter CNAME value 1 as ghs.google.com
  6. Enter the unique subdomain value provided by Blogger for your blog in Subdomain 2
  7. Enter the unique CNAME value provided by Blogger for your blog

When you're done with these, click the Send CNAME Records’ and raise a support ticket, they normally reply withing 24 hours. They would do the remaining for you.
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