Relationships | Here Are 9 Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Keeping From You

9 Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Keeping From You
Everyone loves being in a relationship, and having great trust for each other at such.
However, no matter how close you guys are, your girlfriend will still probably not want you to know some things.
Those things might be personal, and they might be so critical too, or even be that you'd feel bad if you knew about them. Let's see some below:

#1 She still checks out on her exes

She will still be trying to know how her ex is doing, but she would think it might hurt you to know that, and it will really do. She doesn't want to lose you, but still don't wanna forget everything about the first love.

#2 She dislikes a member of your family

Just as you had a love at first sight for her, she can develop a hate at first sight for another person. However, she'd not like you to know because it would hurt you.

#3 She might still keep photos of her ex

She might not have completely broken up in her mind, so you'd still see her keeping photos of her ex in her phone, or even in a place like her chats. She'd constantly check back on them to take herself back to memories.

#4 She's a bit scared of commitments

Most females are scared of commitments in relationships, but they'd not like you to know, so it becomes a secret.

#5 Her bestie knows everything about you

Lol...you should know that when women are discussing, anything can come up. Everything from your financial status to your health and even previous relationship status will never remain a secret.

#6 She'd never let you know how many men she had slept with in the time past

This one is a highly classified secret. You shouldn't even try asking her if you don't want to receive the biggest lie of your life.

#7 She has stalked your exes

Of course jealousy can stir her to pick up your phone and scroll through your contacts. Then if she happens to meet your ex, something might occur. It can be online or offline though.

#8 She is constantly testing you

She will never stop trying to know how you love her. You might not know but sometimes you become provoked by her, it might actually be a test.

#9 She loves to see you get jealous 

Every woman loves to see that you are jealous of her. This is natural and you can't stop it.

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