4 Tips On How You Can Create A Strong Password That’ll Beat the Hackers

4 Tips That Will Help You Create A Strong Password And Beat the Hackers
In the present world, almost anything that you need to do requires a password.
Starting from the social media networks, to the forums, online courses, e-mails, blogs, the list keeps on counting. To make money online, you require a password for almost all your accounts.

Many of us make mistakes while choosing passwords for their accounts and that makes it prone to hackers and internet fraudsters. We have previously discussed how to protect yourself from ATM scams, so today we'll be discussing on how to choose and protect our passwords.

Before we start, you can read this post to see hoe Clifford escaped from Facebook hackers last week. It's a very interesting post and it'll help you to protect your own passwords.

If you want to choose a password for your new site, there are basic things you should avoid:

• Avoid using passwords that include the word password

Some people don't have the ability to remember their passwords, especially the ladies. Probably, they have lost access their e-mail before because they forgot their password, so you'l see them using passwords like mypass, safepassword, rejoicepass, mypassword and so on while forgetting that these passwords are easy to guess.

• Numbers in series

Imagine, how'll you choose 12345 as your password, sounds funny right?

Before these hackers strike you, they first monitor your account for weeks and search out for clues. You might want to change it and use geometrical progressions like 246810 or 36912 not knowing that anybody can easily guess it. If someone sees you typing the first three letters of your password, it might only take him three days of consistent trying to get it correct.

• Passwords without special characters

This might not be a must, but it is really a necessity. Instead of using ALPHABET as your password, why not use AL¶HBET. This will secure your account to an extent and make it less prone to hackers.

• Passwords containing important dates

Mothers normally fall victims to this. Many African mothers tend to use their birth year as their ATM code in order to make it easier to be remembered. But this is not really advisable. If someone that knows you steal your card the first thing he/she will try is your birth year, and if it works, 💃your money is gone. This is also seen in some people's passwords, they choose passwords like Rochas2017 and things like that. This is not also advisable. You can see other tips to protect your ATM cards and pins here.

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