7 Serious Mistakes Every Freelancer Should Avoid

7 Serious Mistakes Every Freelancer Should Avoid
We all reading this post are freelancers, or we intend being some one day. There are so many mistakes freelancers make that we should avoid at times.
Someone who is making up to $3,000 a month from freelancing would not have been able to reach that without escaping some loop holes, and these loop holes might still be the same things sapping your freelancing career and slowly wearing you down.
However, when you put these things into practice, you’d surely be a successful freelancer. When you learn from the mistakes of your predecessors, you would be a boss yourself.

#1 Asking Your Clients To Pay What They Can

As I emphasized in this article, articles are not easy to come by and should be expensive and valued. You cannot be accepting peanuts as your wages when you can actually be making up to $500 for an article. This was one of the reasons why I insisted that you should never work for iWriter, because no article is actually worth $1.50.
Set your rates, at least from $3.50 to $5 and you’ll get clients who’d value you for what you are.

#2 Avoid Working Regular Business Hours

You should avoid limiting your time to the regular business hours. After all, if you were working on iWriter, you’d be more of a nocturnal human so why limit your own time?
If you work for global and international clients, be ready to work at odd hours and the joy will be there as far as you’re getting some money into your PayPal, Payoneer, PayZa or even Skrill.

#3 Having Limited Method Of Accepting Payments

This nearly killed my career. I just was very lucky to have understanding clients and it really helped me. My country wasn’t accepting PayPal and so it was a very big setback to my career.
However I learnt how to set up a working PayPal account, and BOOM, my career set off on a higher velocity. I used it to support my Payoneer, Skrill and PayZa accounts and even got a way of receiving my earnings via credit cards.

#4 Failing To Communicate

This also kills people’s careers. Not communicating with your clients for a week can make them forget your name. Yeah, most of my clients were Indians, and I had difficulties pronouncing and remembering their names, and also know that they have the same issues.
So I always keep in touch to make sure they don’t leave me for someone else.

#5 Keeping Problem Clients

If you have problem clients, craftily do away with them. You can’t lose $50 because you are working on a $10 article. It’s not right and so you don’t have to continue with them.

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#6 Always Accepting Offers

C’mon we have to be wise! How can you have five articles to work on and still accept the sixth? You’d end up piling the works and then submitting late, and the works wouldn’t be presentable. At the end you see yourself loosing clients.
Stick to a limit in articles and you’d make much money from few clients than having the whole world as clients.

#7 Not Having A Copy Of My E-guide

Yeah! This is the last but not the least, it’s our seventh. Everyone who wants to succeed as a freelancer should do themselves a favor of grabbing our e-book, ACTUALIZING YOUR DREAMS AS A FREELANCER. It offers you over 100 websites that will pay you to write for them and also teach you the best way to manage your clients and get the best from them.
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