25 Magazines & Publications That Pay Well For Regular Contributors

25 Magazines & Publications That Pay Well For Regular Contributors
Finding consistent work as a freelance writer is often a tedious and stressful task. That is why I have compiled a comprehensive list of 25 magazines and publications that pay well for regular contributors.
With this list, you can find opportunities that will pay you well for regular submissions. Also, you can even make a career out of writing for these publications on a consistent basis.
25. Bird Watcher’s Digest
This long-running publication publishes engaging and informative content for birdwatchers across the world. While they do have an editorial calendar of accepting freelance pitches, they do negotiate payments for regular freelancers. Their submission guidelines can be found here.

24. Cats USA
Cats USA is a unique magazine for cat and kitten enthusiasts. Freelance writers looking to write for this magazine will be expected to query first. They do not have a limit on how many pitches you can submit. Although, they do expect each finished article to be around 1,800 and 2,400 words in length. They also negotiate payments for writers, and their submission guidelines can be found here.
23. OZY
OZY is an entertainment, jack of all trades publication and magazine that publishes stories from breaking news opinions to in-depth sports analysis. They do not have a determined payment rate for writers, mainly because they pay per story. Multiple pitches will be accepted. While there aren’t any submission guidelines on the site, they can be contacted here.
22. Your Tango
Your Tango has distinguished itself as a publication on the subjects of dating, sex, relationships, etc. They publish personal essays, reported articles, and service pieces. While they do not have a set payment rate, they do encourage multiple submissions. You can read all about their submission guidelines here.
21. Atlanta Parent
The Atlanta Parent magazine regularly published feature articles on parenting, which include personal essays and practical articles. While short articles are worth $25-$50, this magazine pays $100 per page for feature stories 800 to 1,200 words in length. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
20. Living Lutheran
Living Lutheran is the official magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. While they respond to successful pitches every 30 days, they do accept multiple pitches and consider writers for news positions. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
19. CEO World
CEO is a global publisher of business editorials and articles with a goal to “inform, inspire, engage, stimulate, empower, and mentor senior executives and business leaders through informative content.” They generally publish articles from 1000-1200 words on business related topics. They do not offer specifics on payments, but they welcome multiple contributors from business-minded people. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
The International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE) is a publication that specializes in delivering assistance for writers and editors. They do accept tons of submissions through their website, but do not offer much specifics. They pay $50 per article. They can be contacted here.
17. Career Trend
Career Trend is a job-themed publication that accepts writers who cover career topics and etc. While their submission guidelines are not known, they welcome pitches from all writers on a continuous basis. They can be contacted here for more information.
16. Bugle Magazine
Bugle Magazine is a nature-themed publication that aims to educate its readers on topics such as: “habitat conservation, natural history and wildlife management.” They pay 20 cents per word for articles between 1,500 and 4,500 words in length. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
15. Anime News Network
Anime News Network is the premier and most trusted source for anime news. They also welcome and employ regular freelance contributor to write anime features on any related topic. They negotiate payments with successful writers, and their submission guidelines and contact information can be found here.
14. Otaku USA Magazine
The Otaku USA magazine is a compilation of anime features, news, and editorials from a collection of professional freelance writers. They often scout out for regular contributors on a rolling basis. You can pitch ideas to the magazine editors, where they will discuss payment and other options. Their contact information can be found here.
13. Atlantic Business Magazine
The Atlantic Business Magazine published business related articles and stories ranging from 700 and 4,000 words in length. While they do pay 40 cents per word, they expect their articles to be well researched and developed. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
12. BC Business Magazine
BC Business Magazine published stories that entail the working lives of their readers. Finished articles accepted by this publication are usually 500 and 3,500 words in length, and new writers can be commissioned to pitch on a regular basis. Their submission guidelines can be found here.

11. Asian Fortune News
Asian Fortune News post daily news and editorials about the lives of Asian Americans. They generally accept features between 600 and 1,000 words on topics that involve Asian Americans. Not only is this publication looking for pitches, they want regular contributors as well. They are also boasting “great pay”. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
10. Briarpatch Magazine
This award-winning magazine regularly post 1,500 and 3,000 word features articles on culture topics such as:current events, gender equity, political struggles . Their ears are open to all writers, whether they have been published or not. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
9. High Times Magazine
High Times Magazine is a marijuana lifestyle magazine that pays as much as $1000 for feature articles between 1,500 and 3,000 words in length. They accept pitches based on topics such as: Marijuana cultivation, counter culture lifestyle, travel, entertainment and psychedelics, More information about their submission guidelines can be found here.

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8. Reason Magazine
Reason Magazine is dedicated to libertarians, specifically on topics such as politics, culture, and economics. They generally accept feature articles between 850 and 5,000 words in length. They accept pitches by query. Their submissions guidelines can be found here.
7. Relevant Magazine
Relevant Magazine regularly covers topics such as: faith, culture and intentional living. They expect each feature article to be between 750 and 1,000 in word length. They are particularly looking for pitches that fall in line with God, culture, life, and current events. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
6. Hyphen Magazine
Hyphen Magazine is a news and culture magazine that focuses on Asian Americans and their impact on political and social trends in the South and Midwest. They desire well researched articles on Features, Fiction, Poetry, Arts and Portfolio that are no more than 5000 words. They are also looking for part time bloggers. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
5. Golden Seal
Golden Seal is a widely viewed quarterly magazine published by State of West Virginia, Division of Culture and History, Golden Seal publishes articles pertaining to the following subjects: following topics: West Virginia folklife, traditional farming practices, industry and commerce, holiday and community celebrations, immigrants, music, crafts, herbs, architecture, religion, politics, medicine, sports, railroading and women’s history. You can read their submission guidelines here.
4. Your Teen Magazine for Parents
Your Teen publishes any article that deals with the lives of teens or “tweens’. They generally cover subjects that range from bullying to dating. They pay $50 per post, and the editor Diana Simeon expressed her interest in bringing on regular contributors. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
3. Hometown Tourist
Hometown Tourist is a vibrant tourist site that has content entailing captivating visits from all over the world. They also accept articles from writers on the hidden gems of their hometowns. They also welcome regular contributors to write for them on a consistent basis. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
2. Healthy Place
Healthy Place is a renowned publication focused on mental health topics. They are looking for regular contributors with in-depth knowledge on mental health, and they claim to pay well in this regard. Their submission guidelines can be found here.
1. Psych Central
According to their website, “Psych Central is the Internet’s leading independent mental health & psychology network, overseen by mental health professionals since 1995.” With over 8 million unique monthly readers, they are looking for regular contributors on mental health and psychology topics. They offer paid freelance positions for those who make the cut. Their submission guidelines can be found here, and they request that all writers contact them if they want to be a regular contributor.

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