How To Start A Successful Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business In Nigeria
With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, it is now better to start and run your own business in the country, then you employ other job seekers.
One of such businesses you can consider starting is a tissue paper/serviette manufacturing company. Using the best tissue paper production business plan, you can cut down the whole tissue paper production cost by close to 20%. Like the other machines needed by various entrepreneurs in Nigeria, tissue paper making machine price in Nigeria is a bit expensive especially owning to the fact that it isn't manufactured here and needs to be imported. These doubles up the whole costs surrounding the tissue paper production process and that is why there are not many tissue paper manufacturers in Nigeria.
Out of the few manufacturers, many also use the locally made tissue paper machine in Nigeria which produces the more coarse tissues and not everyone enjoys the texture. Today we will discuss the feasibility study for tissue paper factory. We will also see the cost of tissue paper making machine and I believe at the end you would have known if it is a good choice of business for you.

To start with, everybody should be familiar with the toilet rolls and tissue papers, and they do not deserve an introduction, but we will run that down in a few lines. The tissue paper is a consumer product which is used in almost every home, school, office, religious organization and any other place in the country. It is mostly whitish in color, and made of paper. There are the softer ones, which are said to be of higher quality and there are the other ones. We use it for hygienic purposes, whether for cleaning up after toilet, drying our dishes or cleaning oily and other dirty surfaces.
There is also the serviette, which is used for serving dishes and cleaning up after meals. It is also whitish but has a slight difference from the tissue paper. It comes in flat packages, while the toilet rolls come in a roll (hence the name toilet roll). The serviette is used to clean up after meals too and has the same texture with toilet rolls, depending.

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Many years ago, Nigerians were importing the toilet rolls and serviettes we use in this country. It was telling on our economy and the government had to place a ban on that, thereby encouraging domestic production of this product. It was until then that the masses discovered how lucrative this business actually was. It was the policy and ban that led to the domestication of the business and its popularity in the country. Now, it is done in all the 36 states of the country with so many production plants in diverse localities. It has also aided investors put interest in the business thereby helping it flourish better while creating more job opportunities and developing the nation.
This business has been said to be one of the most flourishing businesses for Nigerian entrepreneurs, and you can see why it is a hot cake. It is in high demand because people use the product on a daily basis, and that is why you will keep selling.

Some major information you need to know before you begin a successful tissue paper business in Nigeria include:

- It has a simple manufacturing process: Unlike the paint business and some other businesses, it is not complex in the manufacturing process. From the onset to it's finishing, you do not need to be a pro to do it perfectly.
- You don't need much staff to run it smoothly: Except you are going into the very vast production of tissue papers, the administration staff needed will not be so much. 2 machine operators, an accountant, a delivery personnel and 2 marketers can help you in the whole business.
- The product is in high demand, so you don't do much marketing: People use your product everyday, so we can say that you have a 70% guarantee of sales. Moreover you do not even need any expensive storage facilities, other than a packing room because they do not spoil. The major fact is that an average consumer cares less about your brand, as far as it is quality and affordable, you will sell.
- You don't need any storage facilities: I have said this before, but let's expand it. In running a successful tissue production factory, all you need is a rat and other pests-free storing room to do your business smoothly.
- They are easy to market: As you already know, tissue papers aren't bulky do you do not need a big lorry to distribute them. With a good vehicle, as small as an L300 bus, you can be reaching your consumers without passing through any much stress.

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Business And Investment Opportunities In The Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business

More than a billion units of this product are required annually by Nigerians, and the statistics are not much fewer in Ghana, Togo, Cote d'Ivoire, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Gambia, South Africa and the other African countries. Out of these one billion plus, our local production plants can meet up to only a several million units, which means it is still in high demands.
With this comes better opportunities, in which you and I can put our interests in and invest. Aside producing this, you can also make a business out of the recycling of the waste paper from which the tissue papers are produced. The jumbo reels are also in high demand by the tissue production companies all around us and you can invest in that.

In the production process of the tissue paper, there are two grades of production machine usd, according to your tastes and choices.

They include:

- The automated production machines
- The manual production machine
1) The automated production machine uses heavy duty machines to carry out its production of the rolls and tissues. Using this machines, you can produce as many tissues as in their thousands, daily.
An automated tissue production plant will consist of the following among others:
؞ Toilet roll cutting machine
؞ Toilet paper roll rewinding machine
؞ Automated packaging machine
؞ The sealing machine
The price ranges from 7-15 million Naira and can be gotten from China directly or any of the suppliers in Lagos.

2) The manual production machines ones are otherwise called the local ones. It makes use of the the locally made production machines to churn out the toilet rolls. The machines are affordable, at least as compared to their alternatives but are limited in production quantities.
It consists of things like the brand saw cutter and Jumbo rewinding machine.
It can be gotten for close to 2 million Naira.

The Raw Materials For Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business And Where To Get Them

The normal tissue papers raw materials are the Jumbo Rolls which can be purchased from some dealers in Lagos.
Some of their contacts include:
؞ Tripple Gee PLC, Lagos
؞ Boulous Ikeja, Lagos
؞ Bel Impex Limited, Lagos
؞ Epesok Paper Mill LTD, Lagos

Quick Differences Between The Locally Made And The Foreign Made Tissue Production Machinery

؞ The locally fabricated machines are easier to purchase and maintain.
؞ The foreign machines are more productive than the locally fabricated ones. You can produce in your thousands a day depending on labor and a few other factors.
؞  The foreign machines are more readily available for sales in Nigeria. There are more sellers, maybe because they are in higher demands.

Cost Of Investments

You can start the local producxtion pkant with around three million Naira and the bigger ones with a budget of fifteen million Naira, that is excluding the houses and vehicles for marketing. 
The costs increase with more staff, and you will also need vehicles for marketing and supplies of your products. You might not need much advertisements, but to build your brands name, you can consider some of these free advert sources for Nigerians, or try these 10 amazing places to advertise your products in Nigeria.
In general, it will take you an estimated time of one year to get back your full investment in the business, depending on your management capabilities.

What do you think? Is it a lucrative business? Kindly drop us a comment and share!
Article source: Information Guide Africa
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