Problems Facing Pure Water Production Business In Nigeria And How To Tackle Them

Problems Facing Pure Water Production Business In Nigeria
The pure water business is a very lucrative business that many people venture into because of what they hear about it.
It has made many people millionaires but at the same time, there are many challenges facing the water industry that you need to know before investing in it. This article is focused towards guarding interested investors towards the best ways to invest in the pure water business to avoid losing their capitals.
We have noticed that majority of people that encounter failures in the pure water production industries are people that are not properly tutored before they embarked into it. The business appears smooth from the outside view but going into it,you'll notice that it's not all that smooth, there are many challenges you must face and if you are pre-informed, conquering them will be easy.
Many of the investors won't see it necessary to employ the services of experienced consultants especially when they are still new to the business world.
Before we discuss the challenges facing the pure water production industry, let's checkout some of the popular misconceptions you might be exposed to before starting the business.

Misconceptions In The Pure Water Production Industry

- Water is a free gift

Unlike the other types of business like the provision store business and the akara business, pure water production business doesn't require that you purchase the raw materials. This is one of the reasons many people are embarking on the business, They are lead into believing that one can't encounter loss while running it because water can be found everywhere.
This is one major part of the business that many consultants hide from their clients, they just go after the clients'money and at the end, leave them to experience the issues themselves.
In Nigeria alone, over 3,000 pure water factories are registered by NAFDAC annually and out of the huge number, 2,000 close down their first two years of running.
If you are made to prepare for the costs of running a pure water factory,  then it'll help you in a great way towards taking your business to a great height.
Just like every other business, you need to spend some good sums of money in running the business. Starting from the sinking of the boreholes to the buying of the equipment and the packaging of the water, not forgetting workers salaries.
All these require a lot of money.

- Any body can invest in it and make huge profit annually

Don't be scared,but just like every other type of business, pure water production is not meant for everyone. You should be ready to carry on when everything is not going as expected. You should be patient enough to understand the growth patterns and secrets of running the business successfully. Remember its your business, you should be able to carry it on when things are not going fine.
If you can't subject yourself to the appropriate training required before running the business or you can't invest well, then I suggest you venture into another type of business.

- You won't encounter any further challenges once the business starts running

Believing this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a beginner. Quality control and regular maintenance is required during the course of the running the business.
The filtration system should be checked regularly to perfect hygiene maintained regularly to avoid uninvited elements entering the system.

- NAFDAC registration is very difficult and expensive to do

This another lie you might hear them tell you. But to be frank, to legitimately register your business with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is quite not expensive and you are encouraged to do it.
It is not about you, it's about protecting the consumers and checking the quality of services you'll be rendering to them.

Challenges Confronting The Commercial Water Production

- Lack of capital

This is the first issue that should be tackled by you if you'd not want to abandon the project halfway. Check your budget and decide if you can be able to fund it till it becomes successful.
Some things that might require enough money include:
  - High cost of registration
  - High cost of borrowing loans from the financial organizations
  - High transportation cost for delivering the products to the consumers
  - Initial set-up costs are usually high
Although you might not necessarily have the desired funds to carry on the business in the initial stage,you should plan on means to raise up capital to keep the business running till it balances.

- Abundance of drinking water

Many people don't patronize the commercial water dealers especially when they have good sources of water in their neighborhood. This is another challenge that you might encounter, but you'll still sell to the consumers if you connect with suppliers. The market places, schools, bus-stops and event centers are all good places to distribute the water to the consumers.

- Competition from already established industries

There are many already established big brands in the industry and you should have a unique selling point for people to start patronizing you. Try to make your product the best it can be to keep on getting recurring customers. People know good products and would invest the much they can towards getting it despite the cheap cost of the other ones.

- Difficulty in obtaining good source of water

You'll need to have a regular water supply to help you reduce the cost of producing the water. Many people prefer to sink their own boreholes while some also use other natural water supplies. In general, water is your major raw material and should be at reach always.

Tips Help You Succeed At Your Pure Water Business

- Unique taste

Water should be tasteless right? However you should make yours very much unique from others. It could be packaging. I remember a new water industry that went viral March 2018, the packet alone looked like it was a drink. I didn't know what it was until I got one at a bloggers' hangout in Owerri...Lol! I stopped patronizing other bottled water and became a fan of the new product even till now.

- Attractive label

As I have said earlier, you should make your label attractive. You can use amazing graphics to design it and you will see it selling itself. People love beautiful stuff and would soon become your customers for life.

- Use an easily remembered name

Names like Logos Table Water, Eva Water and the rest of them are easily remembered right? In anything you're doing, always make sure your name can be easily remembered.
Also use your brand's name to get a website and social media fan pages. This will help you get an online presence.

- Always ask for feedback

Drop a customer care line and if possible make it toll free. Facebook and Twitter are also awesome for getting feedback, since almost everyone has an account now.
Hire polite staff for that and make sure to put into consideration whatever people say. There might be millions of complaints but only those who love you will actually reach out to you.
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