How to get better grades in school

How to get better grades in school
Getting good grades in classroom requires a lot of hard-work and commitment.
Sometimes it seems like a daunting task, but with the right steps, you'll see yourself in no distant time achieving your dreams and meeting your potentials.
You need to believe in yourself, read other people's success stories and also study yourself. Also, it is very necessary you make the most out of the class time.

How Do I Make The Best Out Of My Class Time?

The class time is a very important time in the life of every student, it come only 5 days in a week the duration is generally regulated. A lecture can last for an hour or more (in some practical classes). You need to utilize this period very well and ask the teacher or lecturer questions if you are confused in any place.

To make the most out of your class time you need to:

Encourage yourself: If your school grades are poor, it might lead to you having thoughts like "I can't make it," "I'm the worst," and similar thoughts that can lead to discouragement. But in times like this, encourage yourself and always believe that you can.
Participate fully in class: Yes, you need to listen to the lecturer and participate fully in his/her class in other to benefit fully from the lectures. Ask questions whenever you are confused and also jot down important points.
- Try hard to avoid sleeping in the class, if the sleep comes, you can walk around the lecture hall or classes and sometimes, take excuse from the lecturer and go out to wash your face, it helps a lot.
- Get extra help from your tutors after the classes and try to be as close to them as possible.
- Do your assignments and submit them as early as possible this helps to win the lecturer's favor.

How Do I Get The Best Out Of My Extra Time As A Student?

You extra time is free time in your personal time-table. It is the time that you do your assignments, play games, visit your friends and also sleep. This period, if well utilized will in no distant time generate some positive results that you'll be happy you did. To get the best out of this period, you need to:
Remove all distractions while studying: In your room you'll see many distractions like games, movies, cell phones and even indoor games like chess and checkers. Try as much as possible to keep yourself out of these things. If it's hard on you, try seeking an elder's help.
Take breaks: You are not a machine. Take at least 15 minutes break every 2 hours. Go to the bathroom, take some snacks and walk around or do other activities that can give your brain rest.

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There is also need for you to take notes while you are studying. Jot down important points and also take note of points that are confusing to help you ask questions about them later.
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