Online Marketing VS Physical Marketing | Which Is Better?

Online Marketing VS Physical Marketing
Online marketing or e-commerce or Digital marketing can be said to be the can be said to be the implementation of commerce using digital services like the internet, whereby goods and services are transacted to willing buyers enabling them to buy and sell using the internet media.
In simple terms, the online marketing is known as the use of online internet service to buy and sell.
Since the introduction of digital media like the internet, phones, computers, and their frequent optimization to make them better, commerce has decided to join the technological trend and has since also experienced reasonable growth over the years. Now you can stay in the comfort of your own home and advertise, retail, order or open up a market outlet for goods and services. And this goods and services include anything that can be bought or sold.

Payment Methods

In the use of  digital marketing or e-commerce, you may ask, How are payments for the transactions being made? Below are a list of payment methods that can be used when engaging in e-commerce.

Cash On Delivery: This is a popular method of online payment services whereby the cash is paid or collected once the goods or services is delivered to the buyer. 

 PayPal: You can pay for you goods via PayPal. All you do is to click the PayPal option that is normally on the check-out pages and you're good to go.However, I prefer shopping with my free Payoneer credit card because of so many limitations associated with the PayPal company. Moreover Payoneer gives their users free $25 for signing up with this link!

- Bitcoins: Who hasn't heard of bitcoins today? You can pay your bills with bitcoins too depending on the store. You can even earn yourself some free bitcoins for shopping.

- Credit card: You can also check out with your credit card but make sure it's a trusted site or you might loose your details to some fraudsters. Also make sure they have a secured encryption otherwise known as ssl or https. I prefer using the Payoneer credit card because it is easy to create and unlimited!

- Bank transfer: You can transfer to the seller and you tell them that you did so. Give proper details to avoid mistakes.

- Direct bank payments: All you do is to go to the bank and lodge in the money into their account. After that, send the payment details to them.

Why Should You Shop Online?

- Convenience: It is very convenient to shop online. All you do is order and most times pay on delievery. Even food stuff can now be purchased online.

- Scarcity: There are some things like gadgets and clothing materials which will not be in your city but will be found online. That is another reason why I go online to do my shopping.

- Originality: Most e-commerce stores like Konga cannot sell fake products. They have their trust to protect and so cannot mess by delivering fake products.

- Affordability: Apart from paying for deliveries, most products are cheaper online. There are always attractive discounts.

Where Can You Shop Online?

There are so many e-commerce websites but one of the most popular is KongaKonga is mainly used in Africa although. Amazon is the most popular ecommerce store in the world and you can get almost every product on their website, with a lot of sellers.
There are so many other e-commerce stores like Jumia, Jiji, Payporte, Shopaholic, Kaymu, Yudala (now merged with Konga), Alibaba and so many others.
How many of them have you tried? Please drop them as comments for us below.
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