How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria

How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria
Sometime last month, I wanted to transfer #5,000 to a friend in Lagos using the GTB mobile money transfer and I mistakenly recharged myself the #5,000 instead of sending it to him.

Aish, I was tired. I didn't need the airtime then so it was like a waste.
Being an internet freak, I headed straight to google to search for a way of getting my money back, it was when I saw this site.
Zoranga is a website that allows you send and receive money without physically visiting any bank. It allows you to top-up your Zoranga account with airtime, which you can later convert to transfer to your local bank account.

According to them,
With the airtime you can pay for lots of goods and services online or easily convert it to cash.
All you have to do is:
1) Visit Zoranga.com to create an account.
2) Click "Deposit Money",
3) You'll see an option of:
 - Deposit via PIN
 - Zoranga PIN
 - MTN Share n Sell
4) Select MTN Share n Sell
5) Enter your mobile number (or the mobile number that has the money you want to transfer)
6) Take NOTE of the MTN number that you will be instructed to transfer the airtime to.
7) After successfully transferring the airtime, give them around 5 minutes then refresh the page. You'll see that the airtime has reflected on your Zoranga account. If not, visit their support center or send an email to [email protected].
8) The final step, click on Transfer Money and enter the bank details and other details you'll be asked to fill. Then wait for 48 hours to receive the alert. 

Easy right
Before you go: 
Please read their:

Before signing up to the site. 
NB: It's not your exact airtime balance that will be funded to your bank account due to the transaction and processing fees.
Disclaimer: Information Guide Africa is not in any way affiliated to Zoranga nor is this article sponsored by Zoranga. Our duty is to supply you with the best information. So far, we have not haven't gotten any prove that Zoranga is a scam. However, we cannot ascertain the future.

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