Start Making $400+ Monthly As A Student

How To Be Making $400+ Monthly As A Student

I'm a student, and many of my readers are too. Even our readers who are no longer students are also interested in making money online.
Last month alone, I made $982 online, doing so many things. This might be too small for some people, like Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud.com who makes above $50,000 monthly. Converting it to Naira, it was a total of 354 thousand Naira (based on the present conversion rate) 
I didn't have to leave my house to work under any boss, of course I'm a student. I only subscribed my modem and that was my only investment. I didn't even run Facebook and Twitter ads as I normally did, and that was why I didn't make much. Moreover my academics were too occupying that I hardly had more than 2 hours a day on my laptop. At the end of everything, I landed in two hundred and nine thousand Naira
I can't share my account balance because it's not that necessary, most internet marketers don't do that.I'm not a Yahoo boy but I live better than most of them. Judging from the spiritual and emotional repercussions of their actions, you'd see that they are really in a mess. I just do some pretty petty jobs online and at the end of the month I get amazing $$$ in my bank account. 
How To Be Making $400+ Monthly As A Student

What Do I Do Online?

I do so many things online. I'd share some of them below: 
- Blogging:
I'm a blogger, at least for a year now I've been blogging. I have over four blogs but I'd share only three. You can check them up: Reporter 247, Know Info Guide Africa and Afra Tales
If you check Afra Tales, you will not see any AdSense. Does that mean that I'm not making any $$$ from it? Well, we all are blogging for money, so I should have sold it off if it was not my business. That blog, without AdSense makes me minimum $20 a week. It's the lowest among all my blog earnings because I put the lowest interest in it. You can even check to see when last I updated it. The rest make two times the first. When I check how much I make from my blogs, they reach $700 a month, that's about N252, 350. However, I co-partner on them.

2. I'm a freelancer:
I write for people and get paid. Some of my clients pay as high as $10 for a 450-500 words article, some pay as low as $3, but I always avoid the later. I always tell my students that anything you can do can pay you for life and I mean it. I even included a bonus e-book, Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer, where I enlisted almost everything you need to know about freelancing. I even included a website that will pay you $100 (about N35, 000) for each of your articles they accept
They are out to encourage writers but not everyone has heard about them. I put it down in my bonus e-book too. 

3. Graphics designs
I don't do this but my twin does. A simple logo, made with Corel Draw can land  you $30. The sweetest part is that it takes less than one hour to complete this. Imagine making ten graphics designs a week, you don't even need to work again. That's something more than $250, and that's around N90, 000 in a week.
How many civil servants make that in a month? The only problem is that you might not be able to find a buyer. That implies that your designs are all left to you, and you make no money with it. I have given out some easy tips to help you sell out yourself and make the real $$$.

4. E-books:
This is the sweetest of all my money making methods. My e-books have sold as high as $50 per copy and as low as $0.99, depending on the demand and the volume of the e-book. E-books on health, relationship and money making tips make the biggest sells. However, I have seen people whose e-books sell only 2 copies, and that's very discouraging. 

5. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc:
In September I made $280 from my Facebook account. That is slightly above 100,000 Naira just to chat. I don't even have more than two thousand friends in the account. My Twitter, with just 10,000 followers makes me about $20 a month. When I put my interest in Twitter and get up to 100,000 followers, you know what I'd be making. 
You shouldn't still be wondering how Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and other top influencers make so much amount of money from their influence after reading this e-book. That your Instagram account can be paying your bills. 

6. Website Creation and Designs:
I'm not yet a guru in this but I created all my sites...Lol. I also create for people and get paid, but it's only blogs anyways. If you can master other types of websites, then you should say good-bye to hunger for life. I'm too occupied to start this fully, but if you're interested, then you can turn it into a career.

7. Other things:
Many other things such as selling of your photos, writing e-books for people and so on can help you land your desired $$$ in a month. I have an Indian friend who makes minimum $6,000 in a month. That is something close to N2,163,000. He has been dodging telling me his secrets and I'm yet to find them out. How many civil servants and graduates can boast of up to N50,000 monthly? 

That is the level which Nigeria has fallen to. We cannot fall with Nigeria. 

People are taking advantages of these falls in dollar rate to make more Naira than they ever made. Imagine getting paid in dollars, when you convert them you know what it means. 

I have my students who are already making close to N70, 000 from the simple wealth tips I taught them. A graduate had to quit his job when he discovered that he could make more than $500 from his laptop. 
Everyday you wake up, you pick up your laptop, do some petty jobs and get the money. 

I want to teach you to be self reliant too.

Yes, the prayer of every teacher is for his student to be greater than him. The sky is too big to contain us all. Every bird can fly comfortably. 
What do I mean, we all can be making more than N500,000 a month from the internet and yet it will not be saturated. Everyone can be a wealth blogger yet the new ones will not lack.

My third blog made me it's first $50 less than three weeks after launching it. It doesn't matter how long you have blogged, it doesn't matter how long you have hustled online, you can land your first $200 this month

I have penned down the 20 Killer Tips That Can Land You A Comfortable Internet Career In A 72 Page E-book.

I named it Making Millions In Your Dark Room because it's all about that. 
The e-book is covering the following topics:

- Freelance Writing /Content Creation
- Test Websites & Apps
- Create A Niche Website/Website Flipping
- Website Publishing
- Email Marketing
- Selling Your Stuff Online i.e. CafePress
- Cartoon & Video Creation/YouTube
- Editing/Translating
- Graphics Designing/Logo Creation
- Search Engine Optimization [ie SEO]
- App creation
- Customer Service
- Social Network/Forum Creation
- Social Media Advertising [e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram]
- Social Media Manager
- Ethical Hacking
- Blogging & Affiliate Marketing
- Tutor Students
-  Extras [how to get above 5,000 Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers + likes [which you can then sell for money], how to get AdSense approval without stress, how to get a 100,000 Facebook group members, etc]. You’ll also get access to our after sales coaching on making money online for a month.

...and as I promised, a bonus e-book, Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer. I have covered some major tips to land you over $200 a month from freelance writing in this 24-page guide

The two e-books are on sale on Gumroad for $9.99 and $0.99 each. However, I have added the later as a bonus to the buyers of the first, so that you pay only $9.99. 

There is a good news for Nigerians. To make things easier for you, we have decided to cut prices on those who'd pay via PayPal and bank transfer. 
We have reduced it to the minimum amount to make sure it is affordable to everyone. 
If you can be able to pay via PayPal, then you can get it for only $9.99
Yea! The complete guide to making $400+ monthly at $9.99.
If you can be able to pay via bank transfer, then it's only N3,000 for you. 

This is because we have removed the charges that Gumroad will charge us for their plan. It's not easy for us to deliver to everyone, but we must do that to help you. 
Anyone can spend N3, 000 in a minute, but it can change your life for real. 
Invest in your future today and you will ever be glad you did. 

If you are interested in grabbing a copy of these life changing e-books, then you can:
- Purchase it on Gumroad for $9.99 via credit card

The two copies will be delivered instantly to your email.

- Pay via PayPal

- Pay via Skrill, PayZa or Payoneer

- Pay via direct payment/ bank transfer
You can get our account details by clicking here.

After payment, if it's through Gumroad, it will be delivered instantly to your email.
If it is through any of the other methods, please send a text message to +2349072979302 or an email to [email protected]

If it's an sms, also include the email address where you will like to receive the e-book and it will be delivered instantly. 

See you at the top, I look forward to hearing from you.
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