GTBank Affiliate Program | How To Make N50,000 Monthly

GTBank Affiliate Program | How To Make N50,000 Monthly
Have you ever heard of the GTBank affiliate program? Well, maybe you have, maybe you are just hearing of it now.
It's a system developed by Guaranty Trust Bank PLC, to help influences make some money by referring people to create and operate accounts with them.
We all want to make money online but do not know the exact ways and the best actions to take. The whole internet revolves around money, and it cannot be run without the lot of people making money from it.

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What if we can make money from those our neighbors whom we talk to about the GTBank? It will be very nice of course.
Stop advertising for free and start earning from it. Follow this steps now and you can be successful doing that.

1) Obtain a form: You can obtain an i-Refer form from any GTB branch close to you.
2) Fill in the form and submit: Make sure you use your correct data. A special code will be generated for you and anyone you refer earns you N100 per referral. So easy right? You can even invite them by mail.
3) Refer as many persons as possible to benefit quickly.

However there are rules you must obey...

What are the rules to obey in the GTB i-Refer program?

1) You must give them the accurate referral code.
2) Your referral must be active for at least one month for you to benefit.
3) The account must have made a minimum of 1 transaction.
4. The account must have the GTB MasterCard activated.

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