Glo Affiliate Program | How To Start Making Money As Glo Mobile Money Agent

What Is The Globacom Affiliate Program
Affiliate marketing is a kind of business strategy in which people (affiliates) are paid commissions for promoting products.
We have earlier listed the 10 best affiliate programs for beginners and all you need to know about become successful with the GT Bank Affiliate Program In Nigeria, so today we'll be sharing another great stuff, the Globacom affiliate program.
Affilate marketing is a perfect way brands use to generate sales to their businesses. Companies like Konga, Jumia, Amazon, BlueHost, WhogoHost, eBay and many other big firms have been helping bloggers and influencers earn a living online and offline by helping them get new customers.
One good thing about affiliate marketing is that the both parties win. For example, if you don't tell your friend about a new phone, he might never get to buy it. But by telling him about it and giving him your affiliate link to check it out on Konga, you'll be accomplishing four tasks:
- Helping your friend to get a new phone (consumer)
- Helping the company generate revenue (distributor)
- Earning commissions for the product (affiliate)
- Helping the phone company to generate sales (producers)
Have you seen whey the roles of affiliates are very important? You can read more on 
how to make money from affiliate marketing or read more on the topic.

What Is The Globacom Affiliate Program About?

The Glo affiliate program is also called 'Glo Mobile Money Agent so you might as well ask for what the 'Glo Mobile Money Agent' is.
The Globacom Mobile Money Agent is a shop that offer services like SIM Card registration, bill payments, cash-in and out, mobile money services, airtime vending and helping Glo customers solve some issues when the needs arise. 
It is a registered shop where where customers can rely on for assistance and relating to the different services offered by the Globacom. New customers can also purchase new SIM cards in these Glo outlets.
Glo affiliates and agents benefit a lot from the increase in the flow of customers in and out of the shops plus extra commissions that can be earned by them from mobile money transactions and rendering of services.
Statistics have revealed that more than 50% of Nigerian adults are not included in financial services, so that reveals how profitable the mobile money business is to anyone interested in running it.

What Glo Affiliates benefit

- Excellent commissions
- Low cost of set-up
- Business and Marketing Support
- Only Glo SIM and phone needed.

How To Become A Glo Mobile Money Agent

In becoming a Glo Mobile Money Agent, you are not required to bring a bring any money, just a simple form and they'll get back to you within a short time. Globacom is one of the leading agents in  telecoms industry in Nigeria and the second largest so joining them is a good step.
If you are interested in becoming a Glo Agent, then visit this page to fill the application form.
You'll be required to fill in you:
- Surname 
- First Name 
- Phone number (it can be a Glo number or another network, but I suggest you use Glo)
- Email (an email that you often check)
- Local Government Area (where do you reside?)
- State (the above LGA is in which state?)
and all the fields are mandatory. So you should have an email before your application will be accepted.
Alternatively you can use your mobile phone to apply for it easily by just following the step below:
SMS your first name, last name, city and state to 33003 (for Glo users) or 0815 003 3003 and the Globacom team will get back to you on the steps to I get started.

More On The Glo Affiliate Program

It is a earn yourself some good money if managed well. As with every business, you need to stay in a good and busy location. A school area or market place will be a good choice.
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