What To Do If Your Phone Falls Inside Water

What To Do If Your Phone Falls Inside Water
You were chatting inside the toilet or listening to music while using the sink and it fell inside the water? Or did Rain beat it?

Don't worry it's not the first time it's happening and you are not the first to experience that. In fact, it has happened to Clifford a good number of times 😁 let him not see this post o. 
Back to what I was saying, if you were in Clifford's shoes, what will be your reaction?
Start crying?
Through away the phone?
Send it out for repairs?
Dry it under the sun?

All these things are good, but then, there are essential steps you need to take before throwing that phone away or getting it replaced.

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Things to do if your phone enters water

- Quickly remove it from the water: Don't waste a second immediately after seeing it, remove it from the water before it penetrates more into the phone through the USB cable connectivity, charging point, microphone ports and other open places in the phone.
- Remove the battery and the battery cover: This is very important, then look for a softy cloth and use it to clean the phone. If you don’t know how to remove the battery, quickly go through the manuals.
- Remove your SIM card(s) from the phone: In most phones, the SIM cards are usually placed behind the battery. Quickly remove the SIM cards and place them in a safe place.
- Check and remove all other accessories: The memory cards, casings and protective covers, ear buds and plugs that cover the gaps and slots in the phone should be removed also.
- Clean with a soft cloth: Quickly find a clean and dry piece of cloth and use it to clean the gadget. Also don’t shake the phone too much to avoid damaging the internal components of the device.
- Find a vacuum cleaner: If the water damage is extreme, you can place the device near a vacuum cleaner for a period of 20 minutes, but be careful not to place the device very near to the vacuum cleaner to avoid overheating it.
- If it fell inside a sea (or dirty water), you can wash it to remove the salt and dirt it might have incurred.
- Place it on absorbent materials: These can include towels, napkins and other cotton materials. Leave them for a period of 4-6 hours.
- Test it to know if it has started functioning properly: Leave it for 24 hours then test it to check whether it has started working. Wipe away any dust or dirt, insert the batteries, power on the gadget and carefully observe if it has started working properly. 
- If the above step didn’t work, try changing the battery. If an alternative battery works, then you’ll need to purchase a new battery. 

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Preventive Measures To Take Before Your Phone Enters Water

- Don’t use your gadgets in a place that has a possibility of it slipping out of your hand and falling inside water.
- Get a water proof casing. You can check out some of them at Konga.
- Get drying pouches: If you are the type that can’t handle gadgets well, you can get some drying agents like packaged silica gel or damp rid. You can check out some of them at KongaSome people encourage using rice to clean phones, but it's not advisable. Some particles might enter the phone through the holes. 
- Be careful with your gadgets. It's very fragile.
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