Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Hypertension: Causes, symptoms and treatment
Hypertension occurs as a result of the blood pressure being always higher than the levels established as normal for both systolic and diastolic values.
A diagnosis of hypertension is usually not gotten from a single measurement. When your blood pressure is measured and first found to be higher than normal, it is likely the doctor will ask you to return for additional measurement over a few weeks or more to determine if the increase in blood pressure is consistent or not.

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What Is Hypertension?

Hypertension is called High Blood Pressure by doctors. The "Hyper" part in the word means "too much" and the "tension" refers to the pressure on the artery walls. Some people think that anly tense or nervous people can have hypertension. Meanwhile, even CALM AND RELAXED people can also have hypertension.

What Causes Hypertension?

Unfortunately, it's still being debated on the major cause of hypertension in 90% of the cases reported. However, we can manage it in most of these cases. In cases where the cause of hypertension is unknown, the condition is called PRIMARY OR ESSENTIAL HYPERTENSION. In less than 10% of the cases where the cases are know, it is called SECONDARY HYPERTENSION. Causes of secondary hypertension include certain kidney and blood vessel diseases, hormonal diseases, birth defects. Some cases can be corrected by surgery or controlled by medication. Other causes may be due to certain medicines. In such cases, blood pressure will return to normal when doses of this medicines are reduced or stopped.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Hypertension?

Hypertension usually produces no warning signs or caution (if it does, please see the doctor ASAP). you usually can not feel blood pressure even when it is usually high. A few people may have symptoms such as dizziness, nose-bleeds, and headaches that are signs of hypertension: but also could be due to other medical problems. The vast majority of individuals never know their blood pressure is high until it is checked by health professionals.

Who Gets Essential Hypertension?

Anybody can have or develop it. However, statistics show that the development of essential hypertension is associated with the following factors:
Family history
Sal intake
Physical inactivity, alkaloid intake, diabetes and cigarette smoking.

What is the normal blood Pressure?

Most Doctors agree that 120/80mHg is the average normal blood pressure for adultsbbit is considered elevated when on repeated measurement, it remains at or above 140/90mmHg.

Treatment Of Hypertension

Although you may feel fine without treatment, the most important reason for treatment is to prevent serious consequences. You cab have hypertension for up to 20 years before symptoms begin to appear but some permanent damages would have already been done to vital organs in the body. According to statistics, even mild hypertension can shorten life expectancy. People with hypertension are much more likely to develop heart attacks, strikes, kidney failure and blood vessels damage in the leg and eyes.

Modifiable risk factors may include:
- High blood pressure
- Cigarette smoking
- Overweight
- High cholesterol in the blood
- Excessive nervous tension and stress
- Certain drugs may be prescribe to decrease your blood pressure if it is elevated and cannot be reduced to normal range by diet restrictions and/or other non-drug treatment measures. If the doctor prescribes medication to control your hypertension, it is very important that you take it exactly as instructed otherwise this may cause severe damages to the health.
It is important not to skip the dose because although you may feel fine, your blood pressure can rise.

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