5 Ways Your Job Is Affecting Your Sleep

5 Ways Your Job Is Affecting Your Sleep
Sleep plays a very important role in our physical health and helps us remain sound and fit. In fact, having a good night is as important as eating a good food.
Unfortunately, there are many things today that are affecting our sleep counting from our jobs to the things we do for fun like partying in the night. Let's look at some benefits of sleep to us.

Importance of Sleep To Humans

- People that sleep well tend to eat fewer calories because sleep-deprived individuals generally have bigger appetites.
- Sleeping properly can enhance concentration and productivity.
- Good night sleep can maximize athletic performances.
- Not having enough sleep can increase an individual's chance of having heart disease and stroke.
- Sleep reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and also reduces insulin sensitivity 
- Poor sleeping habit causes depression.
- Sleep improves the body's immune functions
- Poor sleeping habit affects an individual ability to interact socially.
These are some of the benefits of having taking a proper rest after having a stressful day, now let's check out some ways your job might be affecting your sleep.

5 Ways Your Job Is Ruining Your Sleep

- Your work starts too early

5 Ways Your Job Is Affecting Your Sleep
For example, in the busy cities of Nigeria like Lagos and Kano, people have to wake up as early as 4:00 in order to reach their work place on time. In fact, if you leave your house by 4:30 you'll be surprised to see people outside taking buses to their different places of work.
The case is not quite different in other countries, according to HuffingtonPost.com, out of 125,000 Americans that were surveyed, majority said that their reasons for not having enough sleep was due to their tight working schedules.

- Your work demands too much screen time

5 Ways Your Job Is Affecting Your Sleep
This is common among people that earn a living as freelancers. Freelancing is a kind of job that give people the freedom of working at their leisure but in some cases, it doesn't work in their favour. This is not really good and should be controlled. Try preparing a time-table that will help you control the time you spend reading and replying to emails or chatting on the social media platforms.

- Jobs that endorse keeping of phones nearby, “just in case.”

5 Ways Your Job Is Affecting Your Sleep
These are the kind of jobs that won't let you rest even after the day. You'll have to hold your phone nearby in case your boss or one of your customers call. In most cases, you'll have to log-into Facebook to chat with your friends to avoid falling asleep.
This is not that helpful to your health and should be controlled.

- Jobs that leave little time for other important things

5 Ways Your Job Is Affecting Your Sleep
Long office hours means less time for other activities that are beneficial to our health like exercises. Study has shown that regular exercises help prevent sleep apnea, relieve restless leg syndrome and ward off disruptions to nighttime slumber.
Sparing some few minutes for a mindful medication practice has also been proven to be of great help in helping us sleep well by helping us control our moods and emotions.
- Jobs that leave your mind reeling late into the night
After the days stress, it's best to relax and forget about the office hours. Our reactions to the day's stress have an impact on our health and we should learn how to react to them positively.
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