How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria
As a student, whether in the university, college of education or the polytechnics, there are sometimes that you’ll be in lack.
You’ll need some little money to buy your books, buy yourself snacks during break, buy your clothes, and even go on recreational trips.
To most students, especially of the higher level of education, majority of parents tend to reduce the pocket allowances deposited into their accounts, probably because of the fact that that’s the last stage of their academic pursuit.
I’ll be presenting different ways of making money as a student in two parts:
  • The offline methods
  • The online methods

How To Make Money Offline As A Student

There are many ways to make money offline as a student. Looking at the environment, you’ll see many opportunities.  Some of the available opportunities that will be considered below are starting a saloon shop, baking and selling snacks, starting a tutorial center, photography and manual jobs.

Hair and beauty saloon

This is popular in schools. It also allows you to be a boss of your own. However, you need to be careful so that while working, so that your lectures don’t lack. If you are an expert in this skill, in no distant time, people will start flooding your shop because every individual loves and appreciates good works.

Preparation of snacks

This requires you waking up early every day. You can prepare the snacks (eg. buns, doughnut, eggroll, chin-chin) before other students wake up and then distribute them to other shops for sales.

Starting of a tutorial center

This is common in universities. If you have a good knowledge of courses like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, you can get paid for teaching them. These teachers or tutors are usually called tutorial masters by the students. In doing these, try to be very friendly to the students, it’ll make them to refer their friends and younger ones to you in future events.


This particular occupation will give you enough time for your lectures because most events are on weekends. Events you can cover include birthdays and wedding parties. However, you need to be good in it in order to keep on having recurring clients.

Manual jobs

You can do jobs like the building of houses, trimming of flowers, car washing, etc. Most students detest these because they are not usually neat jobs. However, these jobs are very lucrative and can make you independent.

Mini-Importation Business (Small Scale Importation)

This is a very lucrative way of earning yourself little some money while in school. Just like every other business, it requires knowing the products that go well in your school and then selling it to your fellow students. 
For instance, students of IMSU and UNIPORT love swag a lot, so if you give them the latest fashion products, they will always love it. 
Products that you can  sell include:
- Mobile phones
- Wristwatches
- Jewelries 
- Human hair
- Power banks and other phone accessories
- Clothes, etc.

- Computer Services

You can offer services like registration of JAMB and POST-UTME candidates, typing and printing of students assignments, repair of computer accessories, hacking and cracking of phones and modems, bulk SMS, e-mail marketing, and many others. 
They are just too many to count.

- Home Services

House cleaning and painting, laundry, repairs of electrical appliances, etc. You can also paint houses for newly packing in students.

- Entertainment

Do you have a music talent? Can you make people laugh? Doing music, comedy, dj, and other related things can serve as a way of surviving in the high school.
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Online Jobs You Can Do As A Student

There are many opportunities online available for students. Some of them include:
Graphics Designing
Affiliate marketing
However, you need to be careful of the following while looking for ways to make money online:
Avoid fraud and scams. They can lead you to prison.
- Make proper use of your time. Work when you are supposed to work and sleep when necessary. Remember, health is wealth.
Also, you can seek for scholarship opportunities. They also help a lot and it's stress free.

Scholarship opportunities are being provided by some of the following companies:
- Shell
- Total ELF
- MUSTE and many others.
Always pay attention to the media so you can benefit from them when available.

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How To Make Money As  A Student In Nigeria

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