What Isnt Worth Doing In Life?

The oldest people in life now live no more that two hundred years, and that happens only on news.
My granny is still living, but at least she's not more than a hundred and five years old now. Nne, as we call her does nothing else, rather than sit, entertain visitors and eat...Lol.
That is life for you. When we were below sixteen, we didn't know what it meant to hustle. Dad and mum gave us all we needed, including the whole love in the world.
At seventeen, things began to change. We started facing some responsibilities like buying ourselves airtime and changing a few items in our wardrobe, and then we became adults!
You see life's very short. I have really come to understand what Olamide meant by the statement, "...life is short like a knicker!'

There are so many things we do that affect us in the days to come. Many are fun, many are addicting, and even all the addicting ones were all fun until you became an addict. The stress on freeing yourself from an addiction will make you know that there are really three things among so many others that aren't worth doing in a whole lifetime and they include...

1. Smoking Cigarettes

I asked an addictive smoking friend why he smoked and he told me there was no reason at all. The stuff just made his inner self warm and made him feel among. Really? I never smoked before and so I can't confirm the warmth of a thing, but at least I know that a wrapper across my back can serve that purpose.
What about making you feel among? At least I feel among when I'm with the majority of the population which are non-smokers. This means that there are actually no reasons for doing that other than you are just harming your lungs and kidneys. I'm not here to show you creepy screenshot of a smoker's lungs but at least, before you puff the first cigar in between your lips, Google the stuff and see for yourself.

2. Doing Drugs

What on Earth can make you do drugs? Insomnia? Depression? Addiction? Peer pressure? Fitting in? Finance? Experimenting? Feeling good? C'mon, the reasons are not worth it. Your life is too precious to be addicted to a little white substance or roundish pill.
If you are already addicted, seek help immediately. If not, please do not try to get into it. It really does more harm that good, if any!

3. Consuming Excessive Alcohol

We had this neighbor who wasn't living with his family. He was a gateman in a post office and had to live a bit faraway from his wife and kids. We all knew he was a drunk but didn't know it was so serious until the day we had a knock on our apartment, and we were told that our neighbour had been rushed to hospital for driving while drunk.
I mean, he got an accident. After the incident, he lost respect in the neighborhood and had to move before his rent got expired, but of course he now uses crutches and had lost his job.
I'm not wishing any alcohol addict this, but I'm pleading you stop. Life is too short to involve yourself in these and believe me, your agemates (no matter how old) are still investing their money and doubling the income you are wasting at the bars.

You got one life to spend on this earth why ruin it by doing things which ultimately harm you. Make your life worth by doing meaningful things instead of doing things stated above.  Take better care of yourself, and you will be a better you!
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