How To Choose A Professional Email Address For Your Business

How To Choose A Professional Email Address For Your Business
We are in an internet era and it is believed that for every business to be successful, the business owners must take them online.
Previously we have discussed the benefits of instant messaging in our business and how to give someone access to your gmail without revealing the password. These two topics are all necessary for business men because sometimes, you'll need to make your colleagues read your mails but you won't want them to have your password.
In this article, we'll be discussing some tips on choosing the best and professional email address for your business.

Professional Email Address Ideas For Business -Things to avoid

Emails also known as electronic mail is a system of is a system of sending and receiving messages in form of texts and attachments via telecommunications. Creating an email address nowadays is now very easy, all you need is to visit free sites like Gmail, Yandex, AOL, Yahoo to create a free mail or sites like Whogohost if you'l like to purchase a custom email at a cheap rate.
That's if you want your email to bear [email protected] instead of [email protected]. All you need is to purchase a hosting plan, then the customer care service will guide you through the process of creating a mailing account.
Let's look at tips that you'll need to read if you want to create a professional looking email address for your business.

Your Business Name Or Domain Should Reflect on Your Email Address

If your business is FrontMedia Limited, you should choose an email address that will include frontmedia, so whenever clients want to contact you it'll be very easy. If you check our official email address [email protected], it doesn't contain infoguideafrica because of the time we created it.
The email address was originally created for our story website Afra Tales before we conceived the idea to create infoguideafrica.com. However, you can still contact us with [email protected].

- Avoid Attaching Nicknames To Your Email

If you really want your male to look professional, you should avoid including or using your nicknames in the address.
Imagine a mailing address like [email protected] sending you a mail?
You'll immediately mark it as a spam and probably report it to your email provider.
Well, that's exactly how your business clients will see yours so choose a name that indicates professionalism and seriousness.

- Exclude Numbers From The Email Address

This is not that serious but it's also an important point to consider. Use a name that will make it easy for your clients to remember. You are not the only person they are attending to so the email address should be as simple as possible.
Also, don't use confusing names like instead of [email protected], you'll use [email protected] (replacing i with 1?instead you can consider names like [email protected].

- Religion, Race, and Gender Marks

Your email address should be only show your business and nothing more. Including your tribe can mean harm to you.
Naturally, people of some religions tend to hate members of other religions and if you encounter such, it'll be essential that you keep your religion hidden.
Same goes to tribes, if you work with people of other tribes, you'll know that they are not that really bad.
I've worked with people from Indian, Germany, Pakistan, America, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Canada and many other countries and I know they are just like us. 
However, I nearly lost an offer some time ago because my client knew that I was Nigeria, I just managed to show him my previous works and he gave me the job.

- Avoid Anything Unprofessional

This is a summary of all we have been discussing, you are in for business and not a child's play. Your name matter a lot and have a lot of story to tell about you when you are not around.

How To Choose A Professional Email Address For Your Business

it's true that no one is perfect, but we should try our best. Check out these tips on choosing the best email addresses for your business whether in Nigeria, Africa or the world at large.

Formats for choosing an email ID

- If you are using a custom email, below are some of the formats that you can choose and he benefits:

1. First name only - [email protected]

It makes your name very easy to remember and also helps build a personal connection with clients.

2. First name + last initial - [email protected]

It gives room for more combinations in a scenario whereby employees of an organization have the same first name.

3. First Initial + Last Name - [email protected]

This is the second most used format after ‘first name only' this is because of the fact that clients tend to remember last names over first names.

4. Full Name (First + Last) – [email protected]

This format is popularly used by sole proprietors, executives, and professionals who normally use their full name as their brand.

5. A Generic Name – [email protected]

This is useful if you have a website. It means giving your clients special email addresses to contact for sales, support, press, advert inquiries and more.

- Set the email display name
How To Choose A Professional Email Address For Your Business

You might not know about this, but it is very important. An email is half of the whole stuff and the name you use in creating the email account will still be displayed to your clients.

Like I said earlier, no one can be perfect. The above discussed tips are some of things you need to do or avoid, if we missed any tip, please do well to add them as comment in the comment section below and we'll be glad to include them here. 
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