6 Things You Should Never Leave In Your Car (And Why)

6 Things You Should Never Leave In Your Car (And Why)
There are some things you should never leave in an unlocked apartment, especially if it is regularly attended to.
Such things as money, jewelries, gadgets and devices and of course, edibles shouldn't be left at home unattended to, because they could get stolen or poisoned.
However, that is for a house! There are a few things you should never leave in your car, because of some factors such as theft and increase in temperature, which you can actually do nothing about. There are a lot of things you should never keep in your garage and also much more things you keep in your garage. The laws are everywhere, things not to keep in fridge, things to keep in your desk at work, good things to keep at your desk, what to keep in your purse and what not to carry in your purse. In subsequent posts we will talk about items you should never leave in your garage, but today, we will be seeing about six items you should never leave in your car unattended to.

We all know that you shouldn't ever leave fresh tomatoes, apples, vegetables and other fruits inside your car in a sunny noon, uhu... but that's not the only thing.

We will see a few others below:

- Original documents

Even without saying it, we all know that it is very risky to keep the original documents of your car and travel around with them. Inasmuch as we don't always pray for mishaps, we cannot tell the future.
Aside your car documents, never carry more documents than you'd need,  especially the original ones. Your house documents, land documents, receipts, results and reports (such as medical reports) are meant to be resting calmly in a comfortable box at home and not the cars' front.

- Medication

Exposures to hot temperature can affect the molecular structure of pills and other drugs, so you should never take chances. You can have a little bag where you will keep the drugs and take them out with you when coming down.
Meanwhile, make sure to read this before taking paracetamol again in your life!

- Edibles

Eatable items such as fruits and vegetables lose their nature when exposed to extreme hot temperature especially for a longer period of time. Things like tomatoes, apples, water melon, carrots, cabbages and carrots don't go too well with heat.
Whenever you reach your destination, just take them out and to a suitable location such as fridge or the kitchen.

- Bottled Water

According to researchers, plastics when exposed to heat don't really do the body good. Moreover, who likes to take warm water on a hot afternoon? You can save yourself the stress by purchasing the water you need from any grocery store in your destination.
That would be cool and more beneficial to your health.

- Electronics

Extreme heat conditions can damage the battery lives of your devices as well as negatively affect their processors. Aside that, leaving them in the car can also expose them to risks of burglars and stuff like that.

- Children

Well, they are not 'things' but one of your top priorities in life. It would be better you leave them at home than inside the car, they could be exposed to a rapid increase in temperature and suffocate.
We don't bargain for things like that. Moreover, kids love to explore things and might touch the air bag or any other delicate items in the vehicle.

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