Top 11 Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners

Top 11 Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners
Graphics designing is one of the most important things in every business because its the first thing your customer will see before proceeding to your sales page.
An advertising banner that looks appealing to the eye has a great potential of converting a blog visitor into a customer. We'll be looking at the list of the best graphic design software you'd ever love to use.
Actually, there are many different software that can help you get the best designs, but we sorted out these ones based on their simplicity and ease of usage.
Any novice or beginner can easily visit the websites to create an amazing design online. Are you a blogger, freelancer, digital marketer, content creator, social media manager or any other professional, then you must find these tools useful.

11 Best Free Online And Offline Graphic Design Software

Some of the software we'l be listing below offer premium plans but you can still try the free plans. In most cases, free plans are amazing especially if you are a small scale business owner.

- Canva

Canva is my favorite, or rather one of my favorites. I used it to create the featured image above in less than 10 seconds, and believe me, it was very easy. Canva was founded in 2012 for people that don't have any technical knowledge of graphics designing. With its simple drag-and-drop format, it provides access to more than a million graphics, photographs, fonts and shapes. Some of them are paid, but majority are free. You can even get a photo for as low as one dollar.
About the proicing, Canva offers both a free plan and a premium plan to suit your needs.
Url: Canva.com

- Pixlr

Pixlr is also as awesome as Canva and my best alternatives. It make transparent images and I used it to create the InfoGuideAfrica.com watermark in the above featured photo. One reason I love this software is that you can use it without creating an account and images can be added with the image url. However, unlike the Canva,you'll need to enable Adobe flash in order to run the software.
Pixlr has an IOS and Android application as well as a web-based software. With its over 600 available effects, you are assured of unique and amazing photos.
Pixrl interface is kinda similar to the Photoshop software, so if you've used Adobe Photoshop before, then this should not be a problem.
You can visit this page to learn how to use the Pixlr more.
Url: Pixlr.com

- PhotoScape

This is my favorite offline graphics design software and it's 100% free, no hidden charges, and no subscriptions but you can donate to keep them running. I used PhotoScape to combine the two images in my featured photo and also create most of my blog images.
It was developed in 2008 by a Korean Tech company, MOOII Tech and it's very easy and fun to use. You can easily edit images taken with your camera and mobile phones and also create GIFs. It is available in Arabic, Bulgarian, English, Danish, French, Finnish, Catalan, Czech, Indonesian, Galician, Estonian, Hebrew, German, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian, Spanish,Swedish, Portuguese, Slovak, Dutch, Korean, Norwegian and Italian.
Its supported platforms are Microsoft Windows and macOS.
Url: PhotoScape.org

- Gravit Design

Gravit Design is a perfect choice for people that want to design splash screens and app icons. It is very easy to use and clean with an easily adjustable interface.
There are also a good number of amazing tools for you to choose from depending on your project. Some of the tools you'll find in the software include shapes, layers, drawing tools, effects, texts and many more.
Gravit Design was developed keeping the graphics designing needs of this age in mind thereby making it to provide a lot of amazing tools and functionality when compared to the other.
About its pricing, Gravit designer is a free vector designer software so there are no enterprise pricing fees to worry about. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac plus a web-based version.
Url: Designer.io

- Snappa

Snappa is amazing for graphics overlaid with well-designed text and is perfect for writing and promoting blog posts. It has over 570,000 HD royalty free photos and graphics for you to choose from.
It's also very easy to use because of it's clean interface. With its free plan, users can have access to over 570,000 images and 5 downloads a month. However, they also have a pro plan and a team plan for depending on your needs. Snappa will also provide you with video tutorial to help you understand how the whole thing works.
Url: Snappa.com

- Desygner

This is unique among the listed tools because of the fact that is supports mobile devices. It makes it possible and easy for you to create amazing graphics with your mobile devices. It also has a web version but the mobile version is better. The software is a versatile tool that can help you create professional social media images easily.
With its over 5,000 pre-made templates, you are assured of the best designs with the slightest experience. You can use the templates for creating social media cover pages, header images, banners, 
business cards, posters and not forgetting, social media posts.
About the pricing, the free plan will give you access to over 35,000 images and 100 templates but you can upgrade to the premium plan to have access to higher services.
Url: Snappa.com

- Piktochart

Piktochart is a very easy software for anybody that want to create a graphics design, print or infographic. It has four main categories which are reports, infographics, posters and presentations and amazing templates are provided for each. 
The software is popular for creating infographics but you an choose a template for any other type of graphics designs not included in the four listed above.
About its pricing, Piktochart doesn't have a free plan but you can opt for a free trial after which you an decide to move on with the software or not. The Lite package is $12.50 per month while the pro and pro team packages are $24.17 and $82.50 respectively.
Url: Piktochart.com

- Stencil

With its over 120,000 users worldwide, Stencil provides amazing solutions to your graphics designing needs. It contains a lot of pre-set and flexible images that have potentials of creating engaging posts on your social media accounts.
One of the amazing benefits of Stencil is its's partnership with Pixabay and Pexels, thereby providing more than 1,500,000 amazing royalty-free stock images. It has also partnered with Icons8 and The Noun Project to provide its users ccess to over 1,000,000 graphics and icons that are royalty-free under the provisions of Creative Commons (CCO).
Another unique benefit of Stencil is that you'll be provided with over 100,000 quotes for your blog and social media posts.
About the pricing, its free plan will allow you to create 5 images a month with limited photos and icons. You can upgrade to the Pro and Unlimited plans at $9 and $12 a month respectively depending on your needs.
Url: GetStencil.com

- Gimp

Like PhotoScape, Gimp is a totally free software but you can donate to support the project. It is an open-source graphics design software and a good alternative to the Adobe Photoshop. It's interface is different from the Photoshop interface but there is a version of the Gimp that has an interface similar to the Photoshop.
The software is easy to use and allows most file formats, so you can easily upload and edit an existing image.
Url: Gimp.org

- Klex

Klex is another software for creating great looking graphic images. The Klex developers did a great job in creating a software that novices can easily usefor their projects.
There are a variety of templates to choose from plus a plethora of effects, design assets and fillers. They also support texts making it a complete graphics designing software.
Klex runs with the same engine that runs the Gravit Designer, so you're assured of a great result.
Url: Klex.io

- Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is a free web-based image editor similar to the Adobe Photoshop. Sumo Paint has web-based "paint" features similar in some respects to Pixlr and requires Adobe Flash to run. To be able to use the Sumo Paint software, you have to install the latest version of Adobe Flash player to your system.
You can even use this software to design amazing cartoon images like this one. The software will provide you with the basic tools required to create amazing images like  pencils, brushes, shapes, gradients and cloning elements which can be accessed in a floating tool bar.

These are some of the tools that you can use to create amazing images online and offline with the slightest experience. If you have used anyone, feel free to tell us about them in the feedback section below, we'd be glad to hear from you.
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