How To Advertise Your Products Free In Nigeria

How To Advertise Your Products Free In Nigeria
Previously, we discussed free traffic sources for your blogs/websites which include Yahoo answers, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Google+, Reddit, Yahoo and many more. 
We wrote down the different ways to use them to generate massive traffic to your blogs and websites. Please, you can refer to the article to learn more '10 free traffic sources for your blog'.
Today, we'll be discussing different ways you can generate sales for your products in Nigeria. 

How To Advertise Your Products And Generate Sales In Nigeria

We'll be discussing the above stated topic under two sub-headings. The offline way and the online way. You know, Nigeria is still a developing country and not every Nigerian is has the opportunity of using the internet.

How To Showcase Your Products And Services Free Of Charge To Potential Buyers

There are many ways/places to do this, however, they all have one thing in common 'traffic'. Look for an area that is normally occupied by people and start creating awareness, trust me, you'll see that there are many potential buyers around that would have not purchased your products if you didn't do that.

- Markets

Nigerian markets are usually over-populated. Something like the Onitsha market, you'll see people advertising their products in this open markets squares and generating sales.

- Religious Gatherings

Do you have any religious book that you want to sell or even the Bible, why not advertise it to your brethren? One good thing about this is that every christian trusts his church and same goes to the believers.

- Stadiums

I have an uncle that makes very delicious popcorn. Sweeter than the ones they give in cinemas 😂. Do you know the business strategy he uses? 
When students are having things like match-pasts in stadiums, he goes there to display his wares. When the kids start getting hungry, they'll start rushing to him to patronize his pop-corns and most of the days, he sells up his pop-corns before the students finish and pack his things into his car with his workers.
He once told me how much profit he generated in a day an I was like...wow.

- Car Parks

If you are from Imo State and you have ever traveled from Owerri to Orlu or vice-versa, you might have seen this man that sells books at the Umuaka car park. That's his bookshop and I'm sure he generates enough sales there. 
How To Advertise Your Products Free

How To Advertise Your Products Free Online

- Google Business

Google business is one of the easiest ways of getting your products notices online. It'll help your business to get noticed when people are searching the Google search engine or Google map for your business or related businesses. 
It'll also allow you to create a website free of charge and easily to enable you share useful updates to your customers to keep them coming.
You can go to google.com/business to create your free account now.

- Free classified websites

There are many free classified Nigerian websites that can help you generate sales. We'll list some of them below:
While buying from these websites, it's very important that you pay for goods only when the goods have been delivered to your doorsteps. 
There was a story of someone that posted Nigeria for sale on OLX for N60,000,000,000. That's to show you that everyone is allowed to post and everyone can be duped on this platforms.


This is a very popular site, it's also very easy to use. With it's colorful homepage and easy navigation buttons, any buyer can post his products there and generate sales. One good thing about jiji is that they run ads on the products posted on their websites and they also have premium services. These is if you want your products to get more reach.

- Olx.com.ng

This is the number one free classified advertising site in Nigeria. It was launched in  2012 in Nigeria, and as at 2015, it had more than three million sellers and buyers registered on its  and items worth more than N12.1tn posted for sale on the website in 2016. With this level of fame, it has also become a haven for fraudsters and as we stated earlier, you shouldn't pay for goods before delivery because human like you posted them there.
Recently they closed down their Nigerian offices but their offices in other countries will still be functioning.


This is also another authority among the Nigerian free classified ads sites. It has been around and so far, thousands of products have been posted on the site for potential buyers to view. 


This is also another popular free classified ads sites. Why I personally love this site is that, as a buyer, if you can't find what you are looking for in the site, you can place a buyer request.


This will allow you to create stores in their sites and display your wares. You can also be an affiliate and you'll earn commissions for generating sales to other people's wares. Please read more about Konga affiliate here.

These are just few examples, you can search Google for more.

- Your blog

With less than N10,000, you can get a blog live and start despaying your goods. If you'll be using the Blogger platform, all you need is to go to Whogohost.com to choose a domain name of your choice. You can even get a .com.ng domain for as low as N1,250...sounds great right? 
Click here now to go to the Whogohost official website to start choosing your preferred domain name now.
Also, before I forget, if you use this link, you'll get a free domain for life if you purchase a hosting plan. These last offer is not for those using the Blogspot platform though because Google has made everything free for them.
The only thing they have to pay for is the domain name. After purchasing your domain, if you experience any difficulties in mapping it to your blog, you can refer to this post.

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