10 Important Things To Do After Moving Into A New House

Important Things To Do After Moving Into A New House
Moving into a new house is something everyone does at least once in a lifetime. It happens as a result of many factors like retirement, change of jobs, change of institution, change of relationship/divorce and many other factors.
Moving into a new house requires a lot of arrangements other than just packing the boxes and loading them into the car. It requires taking a lot of pre-steps in order to make the steps as stress free as possible.
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Tips For Moving Into A New House As A Nigerians

- Connect the internet

As an Africa, this might not be a priority because of our nature, however some Africans like me find it hard to stay in an area without a good internet connection. Living in an area without proper internet connection can be frustrating if you are someone that makes money online.

- Change your contact address

If you don't do this, you might run the risk of getting your mail delivered to the wrong address. You'll need to update your mails in the local post offices near your new home. Also contact the government and your place of work about the new movement.

Some other places you need to update your address while moving into a new house include:

  - box-style or magazine subscriptions
  - you need to contact your car registration and insurance providers to change your address
  - inform your bank
  - update the address you filled in your electoral roll
  - update your superannuation funds details

- Change the Keys and Locks

No one can tell, the former tenant might have made duplicates of the keys and given them to your neighbors or anyone else. Apart from that, also install a home security system or deadbolt for security purposes.

- Have spare keys carved out or cut

Anyone can lose his or her key, so you need to be prepared for it always. In my area, I used N500 to duplicate my keys, your area might be different. Aside this, make sure your spare keys are kept in a safe location because thieves might utilize the opportunity to gain access into your house. Also, give a spare each to your family members that are old enough to go out on here own.

- Plan for your children and pets

If your kids are still small, you need to take extra steps into making sure that they are comfortable. Prepare their rooms, game rooms, and other essential places. Also remember to put your pets into consideration.

- Have the new house professionally cleaned

Speaking, theoretically, most of the properties are supposed to be given professional and clean looks prior to the packing out of the tenants or previous owners. However, in most cases the houses are usually left empty for a long time thereby making it necessary for them to be cleaned before another usage. If you can't do it yourself, it'll be best to hire the services of professional cleaners in your area. They'll clean up the whole place including your toilets, bathrooms, kitchen and even steam the carpets.

- Pack your ‘First Day Box’

This will make your first day in the house easier. Things that should be included are, lamps, extension cord, toilet paper, paper plates, trash bags, dinnerware, a shower curtain and rings.

- Run a maintenance check

Take your time to compile a maintenance checklist to know how to take care of the chores in the course of your stay in the new home. Check for HVAC, and if you think there are some issues, contact Plumbers in Vancouver. This is to avoid procrastinating till you don't do them again.

- Get to know your neighbours

Get to know your neighbors by visiting their apartments. Don't be scared of knocking at their doors or introducing yourself to them, everyone loves making friends. In the case of your next door neighbours, also ask about the owners of the property lines to avoid trespassing. Also request for any emergency numbers incase the need be.

- Organize a housewarming party

This is not so common in Africa and it's not a must, but a little house warming parties can be worth a lot of memories. Invite your friends, take photos and give refreshments.

Other Things You Need To Do In The Course of Your Stay In The New Home

You should monthly:

- Clean the garbage disposal
- Clean the plumbing fixtures
- Inspect the fire extinguishers
- Clean the range hood filter
- Change the HVAC filters
- Clean the drainage system

Every six months (bi-annually), try to:

- Deep clean the entire home
- Run water in faucets that you seldomly use
- Inspect the water filtration systems for faults
-  Also vacuum refrigerator coils
- Test the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide

Yearly, try to:

- Clean the kitchen chimney
- Make out time for a termite inspection
- Clean the gutters around your house
- Clean patio and porch areas
- Inspect the roof and home exterior
- Clean out the entire exterior dryer vent
- Check kitchen and bathroom grout and caulking
- Evaluate exterior drainage
- Inspect all the plumbing channels in the house
- Service the heating and cooling systems
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