How To Turn Your Blogger Blog Into An E-commerce Store

Many bloggers still prefer hosting their blogs on the popular Blogger platform, owned by Google. This is because of some reasons which include:
- Security: Blogger blogs are so far the safest blogs. No one has been able to hack into the Google’s system yet. However, you should guide your passwords with jealousy as intruders and hackers can still use it to gain access into your Blogger account (through your gmail).
- Cost of maintenance:  While handling a blogger blog, all you need to do is to pay for your domain and voom…you are good to go. To add salt to the sauce, Google recently started activating SSL for Blogger blogs with custom domains.
These are just a few of the reasons many people still stick to the Blogger platform.
Today, I’m also bringing good news to Blogger users. Imagine turning your Blogger blogs into an e-commerce store?
I don’t mean getting Blogger templates, I mean turning some pages of your blog into e-commerce stores where you can sell.
You can view our store to see a typical example of how it'll be, and also check out our products.
We sell e-books in our own, however, in yours you can also sell:
- Physical products like bags, shoes, computer accessories, mobile phones, etc.
- Digital products like e-books, webinars, video tutorials, music, software, templates, etc.
- Services like web-designing, coaching, etc.
So over to the tutorials:
Before we move on, I’ll like to tell us some necessary things about creating an online store:
- Create quality products: I was very happy when someone called me about a week ago, asking me for permission to cite some thing from my e-book Making Millions In Your Dark Room to his new e-book. I happily gave him the permission, though with a condition that he’ll state the source, which he agreed to.  Assuming the e-book wasn’t worth it, he wouldn’t have called me, talk more of asking for my permission to use some parts of the e-book. The only way to have recurring buyers is to sell quality products.
- Always be ready to listen to complaints from your clients/customers: If someone reports of a faulty phone that he bought from your store, listen to his complaints and try satisfying him. Believe me, he’ll go around testifying to people about you, and it’s enough advertisement.
- Sell quality products: In as much as you shouldn’t back out after sales, try as much as possible to sell quality products to your customers. In the case of services, deliver them on time and the best you can.
- Give warranty if needed. It helps to build trust. But be careful so you won’t do that to your own detriment.

How To Create An E-commerce Store In Blogger Blogs

The tutorial proper:
- First of all, go to ecwid.com and create an account. ECWID is a free (they also have premium) e-commerce store that’ll enable you display products and services you offer in your blog. It also works in Wordpress and Joomla platforms.
How To Turn You Blogger Blog Into An E-commerce Store

While registering, you can sign-up with your PayPal account, Facebook or Google accounts. You can also choose to sign-up with the normal process which means you’ll have to confirm your e-mail.

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- The next step is to add a product.
Select "Add A Product" and then proceed to the next level
Add your product name, price and a photo of the product. You can also click on the “More powerful options”. It'll help you add more things like description to the product.
Start adding your product.
NOTE: You won't be messaged that your product has been successfully added, just proceed to the next step.

More Features
Demo Catalog:

 It will help you to practice, so you'll know how the whole system works. However, do well to delete  them after adding your first product.

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Creating Of The Store:
Click create store written on the top menu as shown in the photo below.

Select "Yes, I have a website". That's if you have one already. Otherwise, use Facebook page or let them create a store for you.
The next is to select the platform you built your site on. However, it's a blogger site and Blogger is noot listed there. So click "Other Platform"

The next step is to add ECWID to your site. Copy the code and paste it in the page you want the store to appear. 
That's all.
But you still need to Setup a Payment Method. Different payment methods like PayPal,Authorize.Net Stripe and Square are all supported. Also, you can select cash on delivery or wire transfer (for the manual).
If you wan to use PayPal, select “Get Paid with PayPal” and enter your valid PayPal e-mail.
Dazzol 😀
Your Blogger blog has now been turned into a full e-commerce store, you can decide to unveil more options by going into their premium services.

Click ecwid.com to sign-up now and start selling

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