7 Reasons You Must Avoid Unprotected Sex

7 Reasons You Must Avoid Unprotected Sex
Pre-marital sex is no doubt one of the major causes of so many complications and social issues.
It is a sexual activity between unmarried persons and is seen as an abomination in many parts of the world,  religion and culture likewise.
However, since the year 1960, and even to now, the value attached to this isn't much again and not so much people see it as a taboo anymore (WikiPedia). Most people accept it in their culture, especially the Western world but in our own part of the world (Africa), it is still detested and seen as immoral.
Nevertheless, all these pressures can't stop the youths from engaging in the act, since they're still growing. 
That is why many agencies are constantly sponsoring contraceptives and other awareness programs to inform the youths. However, never forget that total abstinence is still the best!
Since the government and related agencies no matter how they try, can't stop the issue of pre-marital sex, then the next is to create awareness on the use of protection.
The reasons why you MUST use these are so much and we will see a few below:

Disadvantages Of Unprotected Sex

- Unwanted Pregnancy

This is very popular, especially in the illiterate communities. I have seen sixteen year old girls drop out of secondary school because they took in, and if you check well, the males responsible might also be their fellow student or classmate. What will happen next? 
They are not ready to get married yet and the males continue with their educational/ career pursuits while the females drop out to pick a new role as mothers.
The result can be so much depressing. People will despise the mother, the parents will act like they committed a big crime and the religious body might suspend them. All these are not worth the sex, so everyone, you must protect yourself!

- You can't trust each other so well yet

Inasmuch as you have promised each other all the love in the world, how much can you attest to each others' loyalty when you're not married yet? So many sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Human papillomavirus infection, Genital herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis are so  deadly that you shouldn't give them a try. Moreover, having multiple sex partners increases your chances of any of them.

- You will not want to get a disease

STDs such as HIV/AIDS, Human papillomavirus infection, Genital herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis are real and posing huge problems in the society. The pains they bring are not worth the pleasure, so don't give any chances as is there a cure for hiv or not is still a question-mark!.
Moreover, STDs don't get noticed in ladies easily until it gets extreme, according to recent medical researches. This is a major reason why the both sexes must take are.

- You don't know each other's medical history

Love is interesting, but have you taken time to ask each other what your medical histories are like? That will sound awkward right? Then having un-protected intercourse is even more. Some infections like Syphilis will hide in their patients for a very long period of time before finally showing us. I'm not trying to scare you, but this is reality.

- It will help decrease the risk of cervical cancer

When one is constantly involving themselves in unsafe sex or having multiple sex partners, they stand a greater risk of HPV which may later turn into cervical cancer. You can stop this by immunization at birth and avoiding unprotected sex.

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- It boosts confidence

It will help you, at least one more worry less off the rest. You no longer have to think of what would happen if you contact an infection from your partner. You can be confident that you have no risk of unwanted pregnancy, diseases and more.

- Protection from death

Some of the sexually transmitted diseases are deadly, and should be avoided to the maximum. Aside that, most teenagers who get unwanted pregnancy try to abort it and because they're still young, might stand a risk of complications.

Most of these can be avoided by a simple protection.  Save a life today by sharing this post!
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