10+ Amazing Places To Advertise Your Products Online In Nigeria

Advertise Your Products Online In Nigeria
To succeed in any business, you must really do a lot of advertising.
We have previously written a post on how to advertise your products for free in Nigeria, now we want to teach how to advertise your products in Nigeria, especially if you have some money to invest. Advertising in Nigeria requires a lot of wisdom, especially in targeting.
It doesn't matter what you're selling, products or services, if you want to profit, you have to tap from the unlimited internet audience in the country.
Now, there are a total of 98 million internet users in Nigeria, that is around 30% our audience as at December 2017. That was a few months ago (I wrote this post August 2018).  The statistics would have increased a few figures above that now, and so to benefit you have to tap into this audience.

Advantages Of Advertising Online

Advertising online has so many advantages and we have spoken about that in a previous article. Some of the benefits include:
- They are more affordable: With well targeted advertisements, you can be sure of spending the least amount of money with the greatest reach. On the top newspapers in the country, a page of advertising will cost you around N1 million while a post on the top blogs normally  are below N100 thousand. At the end, people who do not buy the newspaper don't get to see the ads but people who don't visit the blog that day may get to see the post later.
- They are well targeted: If you're looking to advertise car tyres, you are very sure the best people to reach out to are on the automobile websites. Advertising on newspapers will cost you a lot of money whereas reaching people who will not need your products. You can also target by sex, age, interests and demographics.
Please see more of the advantages on this page.

Best Places To Advertise Your Products Online In Nigeria

There are so many places to advertise your products online, so don't limit yourself to these.
They include:

- Facebook

I take this as one of the kings of internet advertising because of it's unlimited potentials. With millions of daily active users from Nigeria, you can be sure to reach the exact people you feel like. You use the site, I do, everyone else has an account, so why not create an ad, fund your account and start running the advertisements?
You can choose to advertise by sex, demographics, interests, age and so on. You can also take advantages of their recently introduced Facebook Instant Articles.
Aside that, you can pay huge Facebook pages and groups owners and admins to push your products,  services and products to their audience. A group of 1 million members might charge you N20,000 a month to advertise on their group.

- Google

There are so many ways to advertise on Google - AdSense, AdWords and more. With millions of publishers, almost every top blog in Nigeria is using AdSense. This means that you can actually have your products on these top blogs in less than 24 hours from  now.
Also take note of the fact that Google networks and Facebook ads are sold to the highest bidders, which means that it is very competitive. To make your ads show, you have to set some reasonable budget.

- Twitter

With a lot of serious minded people, you can get your desired audience on this top social network. They also have very flexible plans and you can target your desired audience.
Aside the normal Twitter advertising, you can also advertise on some popular Twitter accounts, which means you can target those niches you would want to reach out to and give your product or services some shout-outs.

- Instagram

Instagram is one of the top social networking sites in the world, and they have a great number of Nigerian users. The biggest number of IG users are the younger generation and they watch a lot of videos, which means to do well with your Instagram ads, you have to make amazing videos and photos.
You can also pay the Instagram popular accounts to give your products shout-outs and believe me, they do perfectly well.

- LinkedIn

I haven't tried LinkedIn ads, but I believe they are a perfect spot to meet a lot of business minded personalities and job seekers. I twice got a $50 ads coupon on the site, and you can too, though I don't really know on which criteria they give the coupons.
They have a lot of Nigerian users and they are not there to play.

- Nairaland

No doubt Nairaland is the biggest forum in Nigeria, and even Africa. It is one of the biggest forums in the world and even foreigners patronize their ads. You can advertise on any of their sections, and prizes vary according to the section you place your ads on.
You must have at least N20,000 before you start your ads here, because it is the minimum you can pay the site mods. To advertise on Nairaland, please go here.
You also need to have an account.

- Naijaloaded

With over 135 million monthly page views, Naijaloaded is no doubt one of the best sites you can trust to reach out to millions of Nigerians and even more. You can place video ads, banners, sponsored posts and more on the website.
It is also best for promoting your music, because it is what the site is all about.
Aside these, they offer email and sms advertising services. You can see more on their advertisement page.

- Linda Ikeji's Blog

Being rated as one of the most visited news and entertainment website, LIS is also another spot where you can place your ads to reach your desired audience. No matter your products and services, your target audience visit Linda's blog. It covers politics, lifestyle, finance and other news and an amazing ads resource.
I once emailed them for their advert rates but didn't get any replies. You can see more on their ads by visiting this page.

- Information Guide Africa

Yes... we can help you reach out to your desired audience too. Just the same way you're reading this, there are a lot of other Africans doing that, especially Nigerians. We can also help you place your ads on other top sites, even if you're a foreigner. We have been doing it and our clients have all had testimonies to tell.
Our rates are very flexible and uniquely tailored for you. We can also help you reach out to over 200,000 social media audience. If you're interested in any of our services, kindly contact us or see more on our adverts.

- 9jafoodie

Also one of the top Nigerian indigenous recipe sites, you can advertise your food related services and products on the website. Restaurants, fast foods, eateries, seasoning products, kitchen utensils, food products and more, you need to give them a try.
You can contact the site admin for more.

- LifeStyleNaija

Another Nigerian top lifestyle and entertainment site. They have a lot of Nigerian and American audience, which means they can give you exactly what you want in terms of advertising. They offer banner ads ans sponsored posts, and their rates are just what you can afford.

- Opportunities For Nigerians

Nigerian top jobs, scholarships and other opportunities' site, they reach out to a lot of Nigerians especially the younger generation who are interested in these offers.
If you run a school, university and other academic institutions, offer scholarships and so on and would love to reach out to them, then visit their advertise here page for more.

- All Nigeria Soccer

This article would not be complete without linking to any sports site. If you have any service or product to advertise to sports fans in Nigeria, it would be a wrong idea to take it to the top world sites. That would be both a waste of money (those sites are damn expensive) and targeting the wrong audience. If you have a betting establishment, sports products and so on, then this will be an amazing choice.
If you're interested in them, please use their contact here page.

What's more? We hope your questions were answered. Please use the share button below to let your friends know about these amazing advertisement platforms too and don't forget to use our feedback widget to reach out to us if need be!
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