How To Start Goat Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start Goat Farming In Nigeria
Goat farming is a kind of business that its profit is determined by proper knowledge of the business and not how high the capital is.
Goat farming is Nigeria has been in existence but it seems Nigerian farmers and Africans as a whole are yet to grab the idea of commercial goat farming. Unlike the case of pig farming, modern goat farming is accepted by all tribes and religions hence the reason behind it's lucrativeness. It is also not capital intensive, especially if you already have a land.

Benefits of Goat Farming

- Goat farming is not capital intensive like many other agri-businesses.
- Goats tend to survive through all seasons including harsh weather conditions.
- Goats are widely accepted by all tribes, religions and cultures.
- Goats unlike the poultry, do not require any special housing or shed. Depending on the location, they can share a building with their owners or other animals.
- Goats are multi-purpose animals and can produce meat, milk, fibre, hide and manure.
- Goats, unlike snakes are friendly animals, so you won't have to bother about them harming you or your neighbours.
- Goats can be multiplied during a short period of time because of their capability to multiply easily.
- Goats generally have a better immunity and disease resistance when compared to other animals.
- Hide from goat can be used for the production of high quality leathers.
- Goats can be purchased at cheap rates but become expensive during festive seasons.
- Goats' hairs can be used for manufacturing ropes and rugs.
- Goat farmers can make extra income from selling manures from the goats.
- Goat manure is a great organic fertiliser that directly helps in increasing crop production and yield.

How To Start Goat Farming Business

Having looked at some wonderful benefits of goat farming, you'll see that venturing into it will in no distant time, start yielding enough dividends even faster than some other agribusinesses.

How to set up a goat farm:

- Pasture: Goats like moving around while eating so it's very necessary to acquire a large and good grazing ground that grows plenty of grass verities. Goats are relatively clean animals and eat  a wide variety of nutritious plants. They eat different types of plant leaves and weeds in different seasons.
However, production animals just like the cattle feed on on silage, grain, hay and grass. If you don't have enough land, it'll be advisable to look for areas where lands are cheap and acquire some acres depending on the the scale of the farm.
- Fencing: Construction of sbarbwire or short perimeter fence around your pasture is very important. They protect the goats from grazing away from the farm and also guard them from thieves and wild animals. Goats and other livestock need protection from roving dogs, coyotes, bears, cougars and other wild animals.
Depending on your location, it'll be better to choose the barbwire to short perimeter fence as they are more protective. The goats can't easily pass through them neither can the predators break into the pasture easily.
- Housing: The housing is required for keeping the goats safe from climatic factors like rain and cold. Goats just like other animals dislike bad conditions and prefer to stay indoors when it's raining or during hot weathers.
Also,it's worth knowing that goats like some measures of privacy when thy are indoors. Their house should be constructed in such a way that it'll be spacious enough to give them each animal a level of privacy. Some suggest building dog houses for each goat but the choice is left to you. Th most important thing is to construct the building in such a way that thy will be comfortable.
- Species: There are so many species of goat breeds but not all are good for rearing. Also,your choices of goat species should depend on what you want to get from them. Some are very good because of the hides and skin while some are loved because of their milk. Some other species are good for meat and fibre so you should consider these factors before making any choice.
After making the choice, endeavour to go for healthy kids. Any kid that will by chosen by you should have a history of Vaccination and de-worming.
- Veterinarians: This is also very important and should be done regularly. It's necessary that you have an appointment with a good veterinary doctor near you for periodic vaccination and check up. There are government agencies in all Nigerian states that take care of this, so it won't be a hard task contacting any of them.

When you are done with all these, you can proceed into your goat rearing business. Feeding won't be that expensive because goats don't normally feed on processed food, rather that at leaves and other nutritious plant parts.

Fundamental Goat Farming Advices That Every Farmer Must Observe

- Try to keep the goat farms as neat as possible,this will reduce their risk of contacting diseases.
- Select a suitable and convenient location for rearing your goats. It should be in a place that their food will be easily accessible so you won't have to stress yourself whenever you want to feed them.
- It's best to purchase your goats yourself, this will enable you to interact with the farmers and also make decisions on the best species to rear.
- Before venturing into this business, have a plan on how to sell the goats and an estimate of the capital you'll invest in the first few years of running the business.
- And most importantly, put your present income and budget in consideration when planning on the purchase of the goats.
In summary:
Goat rearing is very lucrative because of the high demand of the goat meat especially during festivals. Other things like hides, milk, fibre and manure that is gotten from goats are also very useful and in high demands.
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