How to Instantly Make Your Phone Battery Life Run Longer with Apps

How to Instantly Make Your Phone Battery Life Run Longer with Apps
Isn’t it annoying when you are in the middle of a phone call or a text conversation and your phone dies?
Or playing a game you are super into? Or writing an email? I sure think it is and it happens a lot. Sometimes due to extensive work and sometimes due to my laziness. But, what if you had just a few more minutes of battery time? That could make all the difference in the end, letting you finish up whatever it is you need to before the tragic end. I looked around for battery optimizing apps and found some pretty decent ones, including the ones on this list.

Plus, I found a few of my own and decided to write about them, so here they are.

- Get Rid of Draining Apps with Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is useful because after you install it, it will tell you which apps on your phone are draining the most of your battery. That way you can remember to keep them closed when you are not using them. The app will also tell you which apps drain your battery even when they are not running so that you can uninstall them if you see fit. I think this comes especially in handy if you’re a heavy app user like me. When you get a cluttered home screen with app icons, it’s much easier to check what you’re using in a single list.

Battery Doctor is only on Android, so if you have an iPhone, this app will not help you, but I will write about an iPhone app next. Also, I wish the entire process what a bit more automatized. The fact you have to keep in mind what apps you shouldn’t have open is a bit time-consuming.

- Get Battery Saving Tips with Battery Power Free

Battery Power Free for iOS not only tells you which apps are draining the most energy, it also tells you exactly how much time you have before your phone dies. I did a few tests by putting the phone on idle and then using apps to see if the remaining time will change. And sure enough, it did. This can be useful if you are in a phone call or doing something else time sensitive. A nifty perk I found interesting, although I wouldn’t call it crucial, is the app also offers tips and tricks on how to prolong battery life on your own.

The main thing that this app does is tell you how long you have left before your phone dies. That is the main feature, which to be honest, is not too impressive. The app itself does not actually improve your battery life, it just tells you how much time you have left. But I did include it as I can imagine some people might find it helpful. Also, who knows, they might introduce more features in the near future.

- Clean Up Your Phone with Cleaner

Unlike the previous two apps, Cleaner optimizes your phone by cleaning up your junk folder, caches, and more, so that you can have your phone doing its best in no time. It does all by itself and all you have to do is a single tap. This one is definitely my favorite one out of the 3 as it optimizes your phone for longer runs. It also claims to boost your phone's memory, but I didn’t find an actual way to test this.

The app is useful, but I found a few reviews that talk about bugs that they found. This can be annoying, but if you come across one, just report it to the app developers. This will help them improve the app later.

These were my personal three favorite apps that I found and that I thought sounded the most helpful. I’m sure some of you can get some use out of them as well. I know that I often need a few more minutes of battery life in my life! Good luck.

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This is a guest post submitted by Dr. Yadav, a blogger and medical practitioner in Noida.
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