Top 6 Jobs That Pay More Than Medicine

Top 6 Jobs That Pay More Than Medicine
Medicine and Surgery is one of the jobs that people are currently seeking for because of the high pay that is usually associated with it.
Most people believe that by being a medical doctor, or earning a certificate in any medical related course you'll become ahead of the others but today, we'll be sharing a list of jobs that also offer attractive incentives.
The fact is that all jobs are very lucrative, it only depends on your approach towards it. We have earlier listed 8 shocking reasons why 'C' students do better than 'A' students and you can also check it out, it's a very interesting post.
The aim of this post is not to make you to hate medicine and surgery, but to help you move on to another option if you're not really sure if medicine and surgery is the best course for you. The truth is that Medicine and Surgery is a very nice and lucrative course, but it's not the best course in the world.
There is no best course and there is no worst course, there are only good courses and every course has a purpose.
The courses selected in our list were chosen after comparing them with the salaries earned by the medical doctors at the entry level, however as with any profession, you need to further your education or gain more experience in order to earn better salaries.

 6 Jobs That Pay More Than Medicine and Surgery

The following jobs are the jobs that pay people more than doctors, yes, they generally offer higher salaries and wages that those officially paid to medical practitioners. If you are looking for a career to choose, I'll suggest you check out these top 15 most successful courses studied by Africans.

- Air Traffic Controllers

The cost of travelling by air is not so cheap, at least to an average man. The many airline companies don't fail to compensate their air traffic controllers generously after accruing their profits, making this one of the high paying jobs someone can venture into.
Have you ever seen someone waving a flag in front of an aircraft in a movie you watched, that's an air traffic controller. You'll also see them shouting orders with headphones to the pilot.
The major function of an Air Traffic Controller is the issuing of landing and takeoff instructions to the pilots. He or she ensures the safety of the aircraft and the employees of the airline company.

- Pilots and Flight Engineers

An aircraft pilot or aviator is a person that controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. Although a pilot's salary is determined by the type of airplane he controls and job experiences, an average pilot undoubtedly earns more salary than an average physician.
On the other hand, the flight engineers earn higher salaries than the pilots and are in charge of monitoring the aircraft systems and ensuring the safety of the passengers and pilots.

- Petroleum Engineers

Although engineers are generally well paid, the salaries received by petroleum engineers are exceptional and is worth mentioning. We all know how lucrative the crude oil business is and in fact, it forms the major source of revenue to many countries of the world like Venezuela, Kuwait, Algeria, Nigeria, Brunei Darussalam, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Libya and Iraq.
In fact in most of the countries listed above, fuel and other petroleum products account for more than 90% of their total exports, making their economies to be reliant on oil.

- CEOs and Senior Officials of Companies

The Chief Executives Officials of top companies are undoubtedly very high earners. Senior Officials like Chief Financial Officers and Chief Technology Officers are also among the top in the payroll and are worth mentioning in the list.
Their bonuses and allowances alone cannot be compared to an average salary earned by an average medical doctor, not to talk about when the company is worth billions of dollars. This is because of the roles they play in the betterment of the company or organization.

- Software Engineers

Software engineers are people that apply software engineering principles to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software. Software development is also a very high paying job and with the high demand for ICT products, the demand for the engineers is really getting bigger on daily basis.
The cost of developing an Android application atimes can get as high as $10,000, depending on the organization you hire. As a software engineer, you are faced with the role of creating and managing software and if you're really a pro in the field, you'll not have any difficulties making a living from it.
Other well-paying ICT related jobs include programming and website creation. 

- Entertainers

These set of people are not just the highest noise makers, but also earn heavily from the entertainment industry. Do you remember that line from Falz and Wande Coal 'Way', ...wey you hustle for one year,
me I made it on one endorsement..., he wasn't just kidding.
How many medical doctors have private jets and luxurious vehicles? I mean the likes of Lamborghini and Bugatti? I know medical doctors don't really show off because they are educated, but they are also paid and no employer will pay you so heavily as to be able to afford those stuff.
There are many ways musicians make money even without getting signed to record labels and getting deals. Aside musicians, DJs, actors and actresses, TV hosts, reality TV stars, fashion icons, footballers, wrestlers, boxers, comedians and other entertainers are also making good amount of money monthly from their various fields.

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