8 Shocking Reasons Why 'C' Students Do Better Than 'A' Students

8 Shocking Reasons Why 'C' Students Do Better Than 'A' Students
If you find school challenging, then this article might give you hope. So many people have graduated from the higher institutions with 'A' grades without landing good jobs.
While many other students have graduated with 'C' grades are working very comfortably, even employing the first class students. This sounds ironical but after reading this article, you might be able to understand some reasons the it seems like the 'C' students are doing better that the 'A' students in the world.
According to Robert Kiyosaki the author of 'Why A Students Work for C Students: And B Students Work for the Government', 'A' students end up being employed by the 'C' students so we'll be showing you some reasons it's like that today.
It might also interest you to know that Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the financial best-seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and so many other books.
In Nigeria today, you'll see many entrepreneurs that started making money online from their university days, and these are the same people we refer to as unserious. Unserious right? But how many graduates does Africa produce annually and how many secondary school leavers write JAMB annually?
The case is not only in Nigeria, even in other African countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mali, Morocco, Togo and what have you.
It is the same everywhere you go to, as far as Africa is concerned. These factors combine to push the 'C' student to the top after their graduation at the disadvantage of their 'A' counterparts.

10 Reasons Why C Students Are More Successful After Graduation
8 Shocking Reasons Why 'C' Students Do Better Than 'A' Students

- 'C' Students Question The Significance Of The Academic System

Majority of 'C' students are in school without 100% trust on the educational system. They believe that there are no jobs waiting for them so they just have to get a degree for themselves and hop into the entrepreneurship world.
They see school as a factory for producing obedient and submissive workers and don't want to be molded by that. They wonder why they should have to spend hours sitting down and learning how to find 'x' in a Mathematics equation when they are supposed to be looking for '$$$'. They prefer straight forward environments and would love to to pursue money in a straight way. You'll hear them saying that'the shortest distance between two points is a straight line'.
While in school, you'll see them doing part time internet jobs and online courses that tilt to their passions.

- They Are Not Afraid Of Failure Or Bad Grades

While 'A' students are afraid to fail in their first trial, 'C' students are not afraid and are ready to embrace their failures sand shortcomings. The problem of aiming for perfection is that you'll get devastated if it doesn't work out the way you wish but in the case of the 'C' students, they always believe they can do it better at the second trial.
They believe that mistakes are the stepping stones to success and experience the best teacher. They possess the characteristics of every entrepreneur and that's the spirit of not giving up till you win.

- 'C' Students Are Risk Takers

This is another entrepreneurship quality that can be found in 'C' students. They persist till they succeed. They treat life as a game with so many unexpected twists and trials and we are left we might not be allowed to choose what happens to us. They believe in trying and if it fails, they learn and move forward.
While in the case of 'A' students, they like to play safe to avoid failure. 'C' students take calculative risks to figure out their main purpose in life and live by it. If they don't excel in academics, they find other alternatives that will help them succeed. That's why many of them experiment with different jobs to find out and choose the best for themselves.
A typical'A' student will finish school, go for NYSC and start working in a place as a salary earner.

- They Are Not Submissive Followers

We have earlier stated that the 'C' students don't fully trust the academic system because it teaches them to submissively regurgitate the answers that their teachers expect from them. While this is okay to the 'A' students because they want their 'A's, the 'C' students are the unpredictable group that question every thing.
They are in the group of the ...yes, but team. For example, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of colleges to pursue their careers.They didn't follow the normal routines but created their own paths.

- 'C' Students Have People's Skill

Another fact that differentiates the 'C' students from the 'A' students is that the 'C' students tend to have better social skills. Besides experimenting in the work force, they also devout themselves into building networks that can be of great benefit to them when the enter the real world.
While in the case of the 'A' students, they believe they have everything needed to perform all life's tasks and won't need any extra help or network because they have validation from their report cards. The case is quite different in the 'C'students because they admit that they need help and also appreciate anyone that helps them in any little way.
When a 'C' student interacts with other individuals, they make them feel spacial and valued. They have a super-charge that drags people towards them.

- They Find Simpler Ways To Get Things Done

'C' students tend to be lazy and find the easiest short-cuts to getting their tasks done. They prefer investing their time and efforts towards pursuing their dreams. It doesn't mean they procrastinate, instead they search for easier and more effective solutions to their problems and their solutions are usually the most ingenious.
They are generally more innovative than the '' students who prefer to go by the books. A practical example of this is Bill Gates, he said "choose a lazy person to do a job because he'll find an easy way to do it'.

- 'C' Students Are Dreamers

'C' students are great dreamers and always think of achieving great things. As a good teacher, you should always pay attention to them because their minds wander so easily in the course of lectures. This is because they are more interested in thinking about what they ant to do in life rather than being stuck in the four walls of a classroom. They already have a blueprint of their future after their graduation.

- 'C' Students Have Their Own Definition Of Success

'C' students don't cultivate the ideology of straight 'A's meaning a successful life. The fact that education is important can't be denied, but they know that there are other means to becoming successful outside the classroom. They pursue their ambitions using orthodox methods through part time jobs, networking or self-starting. They possess skills that should be found in every entrepreneur and that's the spirit of risk-takers, dreamer, innovators, people persons and they are also not afraid of failure.
These are some of the reasons 'C' students make great bosses while the 'A'ones become their employees. 'C'students decide what they want done and the 'A' student follow the instructions to get them done. In the present age where everything is becoming digital, getting good grades in taking the back burner while acquiring relevant skills is becoming more and more valuable.
Most employees are now looking for work experiences gathered through the years and the skills you've acquired from doing so.
But notwithstanding, success is not determined by grade or level of education but it takes proseful drive and determination.
There are many 'C' students that don't eventually become hugely successful entrepreneurs and there are also many'A' students that do well in the entrepreneurial and business world.
In summary, instead of focusing on the grades, focus on the skills and passion you possess and the knowledge that can help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.
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