11 Depressing Disadvantages Of Being Born As A Male Child

Disadvantages Of Being Born As A Male Child
I am an Africa, Nigeria to be precise, I don't know about you! In this our own part of the world, we receive the hottest heat from the sun and are averagely dark in complexion.
Maybe it wouldn't be an understatement to say we are also dark-brained, though it is an insult, but I use it to tease my friends at times! Please forgive me for that...Lol!
Anyways, a kobo for my intro? My name is Clifford, and if you have been following this blog for some months now, you would have known us even from a close. I'm twin, and the other half of me is Stanford. Two addictive users of Facebook you may call us, we don't really bother about that, connect with us via Clifford and Stanford.
However, that's not what we are here to talk about today! For long, we have been teaching and teaching here, and I haven't been opportune to share my own thoughts...SAD! Well, finally a day is here, let's explore my heart together.

I was born as a male, so many years ago, and we were lucky enough to be twins! We had no other siblings and so were opportune to benefit from a full parental care. I wasn't given a chance to make a choice of gender at birth, I might have preferred to be the opposite. I wan't also given the opportunity to chose my name, parents and place of birth, I bet you I might have only retained my parents. I would have chosen somewhere like Canada or the States. Their citizenship are worth the struggle.
However, I just found myself this way, Nigerian, male, twin, talkative and anything else you call me. Today was one of those days I woke up with a heavy skull, and so many things bothering me. Maybe because I have a lot of bills, and academic loads, and then my bank account isn't smiling with me, these things tell on my emotions!

I logged on to my Facebook account and here was this girl, talking about how she was passing through depression and bla bla bla! I slid into her dm to help her out, I really hate when I see people going through hard times emotionally.
Being a male in Africa comes with so much responsibilities, so much that you begin to wonder if you were owing the Creator or humanity some dues at birth. You are limited to so many things, and it's like no one seems to care. You are hit and warned not to cry, your parents treat your female sibs better than you, and despite your hidden jealousy expect you to do same.
These are just a tip of the iceberg! Today we are here to discuss the neglected male children, and it is for us and by us. Ride on...

11 Depressing Disadvantages Of Being Born As A Male Child In Africa

No doubt male children are celebrated in Africa, especially at birth, but after that, we are neglected! Everyone begins to fight hard to protect our female sibs, and they expect us to do so too.
Maybe below are some of the disadvantages of being born as a boy  in Africa.

- You are banned from crying at birth

According to psychologists, crying helps to ease off the heart. When pained, you have to either choose between crying and getting bitter. No wonder popular feminist, Ms. Adichie (I love her a mili) suggested that this could be a major cause of the bigger occurrences of depression and suicide in males than females.

From birth, when you are hurt as a male, you begin to hear things like, '...don't cry, you're not a girl!' and stuff like that. Who cares? I'd cry as much as I like and when I'm done, the sorrow will be over. When you don't get to shed away your sorrows as tears, you will have to retain the pains.
Disadvantages Of Being Born As A Male Child
They keep on hurting you until they become a part of you. Maybe I can't stop this, because it looks abnormal to see a male crying but very normal to see a male. In some places, it is even weird to be an emotionally strong woman...huh? So everyone must conform to the social standards? Who set them? C'mon they can still be changed!

- You automatically become the laborer

I'm not saying females should be subjected to hard works, I am only saying that there should be considerations. I am male, in my early 20s, but I have seen some of my female age mates doing hard works, harder than I can do. I have seen female masons, drivers, carpenters and what have you.
We all have our limits and working capacities, and they are not much linked to our sexes. Study your wards and know their abilities, so you can escape contributing to the emotional tortures awaiting them from the society in coming days.
Aside the parents, even our female friends most times expect us to carry some things as light as their handbags for them. What for? Just for being a guy I should carry your bag? Well, someone else can do that but not me. I feel bad carrying a lady's bag, except my mum or close relative, it makes me feel like a slav...I didn't complete that..Lol!

- You get the lesser pocket allowances...

There's a ... after the line, so it continues. I didn't have a biological sister, so I wasn't cheated in this, however my friends were. When we gather to discuss with our goons, you begin to hear more things that would make you wish you were born as a female...!
It is easier for the fathers to give their daughters pocket allowances, and times I wonder how they expect the sons to survive. Maybe this is even a major reason why the boys now develop a hustling spirit from onset and begin to live without any parental support early in life.

- ...and you still get to give some to the females

60% of girls I have come across have this common entitlement nature found in the female folks. Just going to my lecture hall, and a woman selling doughnut and zobo is passing, hardly will I not hear a girl say, 'Clifford buy me doughnut na...!' The saddest part is that you are the one to feel embarrassed when you don't give em.

What? My money? If I don't give, I am stingy. If I give, I am a maga and they keep coming back.
I shared a story on my Facebook wall sometime ago. A girl I just met, say less than 5 days and we became friends. We weren't in any relationship, and I never wanted to of course, I had my type. First day, she knocked on my door, you know the way school lodges are asked me for ₦300. I gave her and she promised to return it in a day's time.
Till today, she never has but that was't my issue, we all know girls never return money they borrow from you. In less than a weeks time, she was back to me, 'Clifford, please lend me ₦500, I'd pay you back...' If you were in my shoes would you give? I struggle day and night online to make some money and I think everyone else can do  that. I even show a lot of ways to make money online free, and they are not specific to any gender. You can see these 25 easiest ways to make money online as a beginner. It will save you this nature of always asking...yep!
Well, majority of them have this entitlement nature in them and it's so bleeping bad. Maybe it would have been better if the parents gave the both genders equal PAs...uhu!

- You are always the scapegoat

Have you seen those viral comedy clips, like when another guy would hit your boyfriend, and you would be called to fight?

Lol... I guess you are laughing now. That was a comedy, but have you ever seen one where the girl was fighting to protect her boyfriend? If the video didn't show us for you, you can watch it here. That was Nigerian top comedian, Bovi going to fight for his girlfriend and then BOOM...things go sour!
Nothing personal, but still serious. The females expect you are their protector (and of course you are) but forget that you have a life to love too.

- You are always at loss

If a girl slaps a guy, she is brave. If a guy does same, he is a woman beater. Meaning? If a male and a female fight, no one will bother to know the cause, everyone will assume the guy was at fault.
Of course, I'm not in support of a guy beating a girl, I have never done that and never will! However, I will ever disdain a girl doing same, slapping me first might make me lose my cool. I'm human too and got feelings. We never like to feel defeated!

- You must be the one to ask a girl for friendship

Sometimes I wonder who made these laws...seriously! Have you ever been in a situation where you see your crush and you both just keep staring and looking away from each other? Lol...funny as it may be, but we all might have experienced that.
Now imagine if those cute girls who have crush on us can speak out, this world would be a lot easier. I trust my guys, we would rarely turn them down. Times you got to drop the pride and make advancements to the guys, like a little tricky, I'm sure they'd understand and shoot their shots!

- You must not perform lower than the females

I don't know to whom this is an advantage, but it is shameful for a girl to come first position in class. I didn't attend a co-educational secondary school, but at least my school had a female section. We all know everyone have their own abilities and no matter how hard you strive, can barely leave the circle.
Examinations are not the true test of knowledge. If you judge a fish with climbing, it will fail and if you judge a monkey with swimming, it will allow fail. Allow everyone to do whatever they are best in and stop all the humiliations.

- You can rape but cannot be raped

Have you seen a guy confess of being sexually assaulted? 80% of other humans, including some parents would automatically say the guy enjoyed it. The truth is that, even some girls enjoy rape, but raping is very EVIL! There have been cases whereby there was a consensual sex, and then one of the partners, mostly the female regret the action.

They file a legal case and the possibility of winning will be high. On the other hand, if a guy does that, even the police would first laugh at him for speaking so funny. People believe males cannot be raped, but it is not true, we too are gullible!

- You are expected to give but not receive

You will never cease to hear girls say that they'd never date a broke guy, and will never have sex with you except you are wealthy. How many male commercial sex workers have you seen? Maybe it is because the guys are willing to pay.
Some ladies automatically see you as a debtor once you get closer to them as a male, and you also feel like you are owing them. Sincerely, I too feel bad when I'm financially red bar and can't give my female friends those little birthday gift and some little things, but check this out.

Some girls will offer to give you sex on your birthday, as a birthday present. Meaning? Can't you get them something tangible? Something as little as a ₦2,500 wrist watch and the guy will appreciate you for life. Well, I'm not that kind of guy. Even the normal #WomanCrushWednesday we normally do has come to a halt.
On Wednesday, you will never fail to hear males do our #WomanCrushWednesday and #WCC, but what happens on Mondays? Instead of the ladies to reward us with the #ManCrushMonday and keep the fun going, they begin to post their photos celebrating new weeks...Lol! I don't really think I'm in for that WCW stuff again, let bygone be bygone!

- You must become the primary provider of your family even if your spouses are working

I have seen so many families break-up or begin to have issues because the man had some financial challenges. When things like that happen, you begin to see the woman acting like she is being cheated. She begins to compare you to the other men out there taking their wives to Dubai and USA trips forgetting that there are women who have gotten their husbands ₦20 million+ worth vehicles...Lol!

Things need to be balanced. I'm not asking anyone to regret being born a guy or vice versa. We are only asking that as the ladies are struggling for their feminism bla bla bla, let them remember that is should be all round equality.
Sponsor yourself, cloth yourself and own yourself, then feminism will become a reality.
We are tired of seeing love-hurt and heart-broken ladies out there screaming feminism this and that. I'm a male feminist, I stand for what I stand for. 
If you agree with what you just read, please share this article so everyone else can see! We are in for a change...
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