Amazing Importance Of Outdoor Sports To Children

Amazing Importance Of Outdoor Sports To Children
The great outdoors is a magical place for both children and parents alike. You are exposed to fresh air, vitamin D and you can spend time soaking up the stunning scenery around you.
But children need to do more outdoors than simply take in the sights, they need to be active and exercising while they’re enjoying the sun on their skin. 

One effective way to encourage your children to take part in outdoor sports is to look at online cycle shops in South Africa for an affordable bicycle for them to use. You could also invest in some jungle gym equipment at home for active play. Below are just some of the reasons why outdoor sports are good for children. 

- Healthy Physical Development

One of the major benefits of outdoor sports is that they encourage healthy physical development in children. Which means that there will be less doctor and hospital visits to affect your gap cover

What is gap cover?

It is a type of cover that is used to help if your medical aid doesn't cover all costs for a hospital procedure or emergency surgery.

Having healthier children means you will not have to visit the doctor as often. It also means that their fitness levels, immune system and muscles and bones develop at the right rate for their age. For example, if your children enjoy cycling, they will develop healthy leg and back muscles, making them stronger athletes and keeping them healthy as they age. 

- Their Vision Will Improve

There have been studies that show that children who spend time outside, whether they are playing or taking part in sports, are at a reduced risk of developing “myopia” or nearsightedness. This is due to the exposure to sun and natural light as opposed to the harsh blue light of a television or computer screen. 

If you visit  one of the many online cycle shops in South Africa, you will find a diverse array of sunglasses and eye protection available, so your children can enjoy their favourite outdoor sport without worrying about damaging their eyes. You will need to ensure that your children wear sunglasses on warmer days, as the sun will be brighter, and use eye-drops if your children complain of irritation after being outdoors. 

- Increased Vitamin D Levels

We all know how important vitamin D is. It helps to strengthen bone health as well as prevent diabetes and heart disease. One effective way to improve your child’s vitamin D levels is to encourage them to take part in outdoor sports, such as cycling, hiking or even soccer and cross-country. 

While you can take vitamin D supplements, and you should, the best way for children to be exposed to Vitamin D is to spend time outside. You will need to ensure that your child wears sunscreen while outside, as too much time spent in the sun will result in sunstroke and sunburn. Increasing their time spent outside will help immensely to improve your child’s bone and heart health, so be sure to allow them to spend time in the sun each day. 

- They Will Become More Independent

When children take part in sports, they are no longer reliant on their parents to tell them what, when and how to do something. They need to follow the orders of their coaches and teammates as well as make their own decisions about situations. 
With outdoor sports, children have to learn how to take turns playing games, to pick themselves up when they fall, and how to navigate unfamiliar equipment. This will allow them to become more independent and self-reliant. And if they are able to make decisions about what sports they play, they will also be able to make decisions on what foods they prefer and will often choose healthier options as opposed to children who do not take part in outdoor sports.

- It Builds Their Motor Skills

Sports such as cycling, running and cricket will help your child to develop their motor skills. This is because they are using their bodies and developing their muscles as well as hand-eye coordination. 

Building your child’s motor skills is essential to their healthy development, and so allowing them to take part in outdoor sports is the perfect opportunity to do so. Being able to catch and throw a ball is important at a young age, as it teaches hand-eye coordination needed for daily life. Children who play outside and who take part in outdoor sports will have better motor skills than those who do not. 

Embrace The great outdoors

Many parents are wary of allowing their children to spend too much time outdoors. This is because of how hot the sun can get but in reality, outdoor sports provide a long list of health benefits. 

You will find your children have improved vision and motor skills, as well as more independence and the ability to make their own decisions. Higher levels of vitamin D are important to healthy physical development, making outdoor sports the perfect option for growing children.
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