Agriculture: 7 Top Cassava Buying Companies in Nigeria

7 Top Cassava Buying Companies in Nigeria
Due to the popularity of cassava in Nigeria, many opportunities have now become available foe cassava farmers to make money excluding selling them in the cassava market in Nigeria.
Aside from using cassava to make fufu and garri, there are many other ways of turning the cassava into a regular source of income and one of them is by selling it to other companies.
Selling your farm products to these Nigerian cassava buying companies will not only save you the stress of having to process the  cassava, it'll also help you to raise some money and reduce the stress of having to carry the processed food to the local markets.

Top Cassava Buyers Company’s In Nigeria And Their Contact Details

The companies listed are not based in Europe, Asia, Australia or America but are indigenous so you don't have to fear about exporting the cassava roots.
Some cassava buying companies in Nigeria include:

1. Matna Foods Company Limited

This is an Nigerian manufacturing company that processes cassava roots into international standard food grade industrial starch and allied products.

Contact Address
KM 19 Akure-Owo Road, 
By Ogbese Bridge, Akure Ondo State.

2. Nigerian Starch Mills Limited (NSM)

The Nigerian Starch Mills Limited was incorporated in 1970's and according to their official website, is the oldest and largest starch producer in Nigeria. The NSM is an integrated agri-business growing cassava and processes over 60,000 tonnes of food per annum into starch in the Imo and Anambra States of Nigeria. 
Nigerian Starch Mills Limited is currently expanding their production of feed stocks of cassava and rice and is a good choice for cassava farmers.

Contact Address
Sterling Towers, 20 Marina, Lagos,
Lagos Island, Nigeria.
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: nsmfoodslimited.com

3. GreenTech Industries Limited

GreenTech Industries Limited is a company that processes cassava tubers, sweet potatoes and corns into pharmaceutical and food grade industrial starch. They also buy cassava roots from farmers.

Contact Address
GreenTech Industries Limited
Block X Plot 1, Area 5,
OPIC-Agbara Industrial Estate
Igbesa Road, Ogun State
Box 71204
Victoria Island, Lagos State

4.  Plstary international Limited

Plstary international Limited is a Nigerian agro allied company that was established in 2005. They were initially established help farmers market their farm produces but later expandedtheir biusiness line into farm development and production of cassava starch.

Contact Address
Plot 1, Psaltry Road, ALayide Village,
Ado-Awaye, Iseyin Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +2348028911442; +2348028910400
Website: psaltryinternational.com

5. Ekha Agro Farms Limited

Located in Lagos, the 6. Ekha Agro Farms Limited has been helping farmers sell their farm products easily.
The Ekha Agro Farms Limited was incorporated in 1986 and started operations in 1990 with importation and sale of food and feed additives such as vitamins, amino acids and sweeteners. (source)
Contact Address
State, Nigeria
6. Thai Farm International
A Nigerian company that is based on processing locally grown cassava tubers into high quality cassava flour. You can contact them to buy your cassava roots.

Contact Address
3rd Floor, FMN House, Golden Penny Place
Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria
Email: [email protected]

7. Litii Investment Limited

Since it's establishment on April 1, 1977, the Litii Investment Nigeria Limited one of the great choices for Nigerian farmers who want to sell their produces. They don't only buy cassava roots, you can also sell many other farm produces like plantains to them.

Contact Address
No.1 Timi Crescent Adibon Compound Lgbogene EPIC Nigeria
Telephone: 234 (0) 806 441 5107

Farming is now fun as you don't have to fear about how to sell your farm products again. These are not the only ones in Nigeria, you can still research and get more of them.
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