9 Killer Tips To Improve The Speed Of Your Android Phone

Tips To Improve The Speed Of Your Android Phone
The latest trend in the tech world now are the Android phones. With companies like iTel and Tecno producing very affordable phones, everyone even the middle and lower class citizens can comfortably afford to own one.
This is because with as low as $50, you can get yourself a brand new mobile phone. One major reason why people go for these Android phones could be because they are very versatile. With over one million available apps, you can bet me that it is unbeatable.
Some other reasons include the fact that their batteries last better, they have good cameras and fast in operation. These mobile phones have no doubt become a part of us as we can hardly spare an hour without looking into it. I remember when I was cut off from electricity for two days, I didn't bother about my electric cooker, or my laptop, I just needed to charge my phone and get those WhatsApp messages rolling in. This is because with the phone, you save more money. Airtime is expensive, data is not! With a good android phone, you can be  saving yourself some good money monthly by making use of WhatsApp calls, Facebook calls and even so many other apps for making calls out there. They generally help to make our world more connected.

Aside connecting with family, friends and colleagues, the android phones also come equipped with somethings like GPS, which help to make our lives better. There are mobile apps like the calculator, calendar, period calculator, sudoku and so many other addictive games. The video players even help us play videos anywhere, anytime and this makes the whole thing more like a dreamland.
Personally, one more thing I love about these devices are their ability to multi-task. You can simply minimize so many apps, and can be chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook together, yet you are watching a movie. Some advanced mobiles like the Gionee would even let you drag the videos to a particular edge in the screen so it becomes a little more like the computer.
With some mobile apps, your security is also guaranteed. You can now install an app like AppLock (that's what I use but there are so many others) and with them, safeguard your chats, contacts, text messages and data free of charges. You can even decide to use a pattern, password, pin code or even your thumb print as of recent.
However, as they always say, nothing is completely good. Every good thing also has some disadvantages to their credit. One of the major disadvantages of using Android devices is that unlike the pcs, when multi-tasked, they become slow. Though like the pcs, they vary with device types and some factors like RAM, but they are more common there.

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It is really very frustrating when your phone begins to slow down, especially when you were making use of it. This issue isn't a respecter or any devices, as even the high end and the middle end devices in terms of prices experience them. There are many things that cause this issues, such as when the device is in usage, or low RAM, but the good news is that we can actually help the matter.
That is what we are here to discuss today, how we can be able to speed up our mobile devices again. They are so easy, just read on!

How To Speed Up Your Android Devices Easily

Without spending any more time, we will be seeing some tips that can help everyone speed up the general performances of their mobile phones.
Some of them include:

- Uninstall pre-loaded apps you don't use and other pre-loaded items you wouldn't use

I got my present phone, a Lenovo mobile last two weeks. It was pre-loaded with some Chinese indigenous music and apps, which were of no use to me. These apps and music weren't harmful to my device, but they no doubt used up the spaces other apps would have used.
The music infact were good ones, but they weren't my language. I took the pains of deleting them, about 34 of them. The apps were also good, but they were Chinese and I didn't even using them. I uninstalled all. One of the file sharing apps it came with, was so unpopular among the other devices I saw here, so I had to uninstall them and install the popular Xender.
Doing that freed up my ram, and gave space for other useful apps to come in. They use up your RAM and even though you do not use them, run in the background using up space, RAM and even your data. Moreover you cannot trust all, as some would even be sending your data to your the device producers who kept them there.
Who knows? Such things might be in the terms and conditions but I can bet you never read one in your life!

- Disable the apps you don't presently use

I don't use the mobile Instagram app in my phone and the SnapChat app, but I chose to keep them since I could also use them someday. I disabled them, and it helped me save some RAM and data. Aside these two, there are some heavy games which you should only activate when you want to play them.
They make your mobile phones heavy and whether you agree to that or not, they should be disabled to help your devices load faster.

- Install the LITE version of any heavy apps you use

Facebook launched a LITE version of their popular Facebook app, and Instagram also did that. I will advice that if you are someone like me trying to speed up your mobile phone, you uninstall the former app and install the LITE version. 
They consume less storage space, less data and less RAM. You can also consider checking your devices to know which apps consume more storage spaces and from there know which lighter apps you need to install.
Even if they don't have the LITE versions, you can go for the older ones. Some sites like Softtonic have a lot of them and they are lighter because the recent ones are always heavier with their new qualities.

- Check your devices' software update or root services

Sometimes your devices might become heavier because they were rooted or you installed a new system update. Your Android OS might not have been pre-prepared for these kinds of updates and in a bit to adjust, will become slower.
If a particular software update doesn't favor you, undo it.

- Remove any live wallpapers and animations you use

Struggling with slow page loading, then you should have nothing to do with live animations on your wall papers. They also use up your RAM to run and are heavier in terms of usage of storage spaces. You don't need all these things in real sense, so I advice you remove them and enjoy a faster mobile experience.

- Try a different launcher

Sometimes your present launcher might be the culprit behind the slow loading speed you are encountering. Go online and get a new one and you will surely notice a difference in your handset. There are a lot of free launchers to choose from.

- Free up your RAM

There are so many ways to free up your RAM, but I use the AppLocker. It does that free and fast for me. You can also free up your RAM by reducing the number of mobile apps you are using at a time. Always close apps you're not using, clear your caches and close any files you presently do not need.

- Free up your storage

Just the same way you get slower when carrying so much load, and the same way your brain becomes slower when multi-tasked, and the same way lorries become so slow when carrying so heavy a load, is the same way your mobile phones become slower when loaded with so much items.
Take sometime, delete some files, uninstall the ones you do not use and your phone's performances in terms of speed will generally improve.

- Restore your factory settings

There are sometimes when all these do not work, then you have to restore your phone to the factory settings. Every data will be lost, but your phone will become brand new internally, the same way it was released from the production company.

These tips are all true, they have helped me many times and should help you too. It's now left to you, please help others discover this too by using the share buttons below, and we'd appreciate that very well!
Thanks for reading all along!
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