25+ Hot Information Marketing Ideas That Work Very Well In Nigeria

25 Hot Information Marketing Ideas That Work Very Well In Nigeria
Information marketing is not a new concept in the business world, it simply means creating and selling of digital products.
It is an amazing way of making money online because it doesn't involve much capital, just an idea, the time to write the idea down in a paper and money to push the eBook. If you have any idea that you think will sell well, you'll conduct a market research to know if people will truly be interested in it and then research and write on it.
It's as simple as that and we'll check out how possible or easy it is with 25 amazing ideas that you can choose from today.

How To Start Information Marketing Business In Nigeria

Like we earlier said, information marketing is no big term, it simply means creating and selling of digital products in form of eBooks. You can even sell an information marketing PDF to new people that are interested in the business.
Yes, I used that as an example to show you how the business is, but there are still hundreds and thousands of untapped information marketing ideas that can earn you millions as an African. You can even start selling information products in Nigeria without having a website or blog, however it's necessary you have one. Whether you have a website or not, you can use Sellfy or other eCommerce platforms to deliver the products to your customers automatically and even receive payments via credit card.
After going through this article, you'll see how lucrative and easy the business, maybe you'll join the top information marketers in Nigeria if you rake a step.

Advantages Of Information Marketing

- Requires less capital: With just a laptop and an internet connect, oh...before I forget, a good idea, you'll create a wonderful product. Although many people might tell you that it doesn't require any capital, information marketing requires capital but this time around, not much.
Some products will require that you conduct tests to decide the best solutions to the given problem. Researches are also very necessary in information marketing, and finally, you'll need to run online advertisements.
- Can generate unlimited sales: Have you ever gone to a bookshop to hear that the book you were looking for had finished? You know that feeling right? Well, it doesn't happen in information marketing. Just like other digital products, eBooks don't go out of stock unless you decide to pause the sales.
- Anyone can do it: Not just everyone, but anyone. If you have an amazing idea and can concentrate very well, then you can write and eBook. You might also decide to hire someone to write the ideas down for you for an agreed price.
- Has less risk of loss: If you're into fruit-selling business, then you'll now how bad you feel when you don't sell your mangoes on time. I'm not saying that mangoes spoil very fast, I'm just trying to compare offline trading with information marketing.

Disadvantages Of Information Marketing

- Requires Pushing: After writing your eBook, you'l need to get it into the faces of your audience. If you're not yet popular, it might not really be an easy task convincing people into purchasing your new book but believe me, it really works. All you need to do is to have a target audience, the people you believe would need the solution you're offering and then make them see the book.
- Piracy: Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage so is information marketing. Remember I earlier said that it van easily be sold to unlimited number of people, well it can also be downloaded by unlimited number of people easily. Android users can in minutes, distribute your eBook to their friends while with an email, the eBook can be sent to thousands and millions of people in just two seconds.
- Might not generate sales if expensive: If you're eBook is expensive, you might encounter issues generating sales. I suggest you sell i at an affordable rate unless you're targeting the rich folks.
- Nigerians don't buy digital products very well: This is not quite true, but I had to include it here because many people complain of it. Our eBook, Making Millions In Your Dark Room has sold many copies and to be hones, majority of the sales were from Nigerians. We receive calls on daily basis requesting for the eBook and at a stage, we decided to offer a discount on it to help more Nigerians get it.
- Cheating: Payment gateways like PayPal give buyers the option of calling back their money if they are not satisfied with the item. This is cool as it has reduced cheating, however it has also increased cheating but this time around, in the reverse angle. Some people now buy products (especially digital products) and issue a refund after using it. They still have a copy and their money...so bad.

25+ Hot Information Marketing Ideas That Work Very Well In Nigeria

Before you think of any business idea, you need to believe that you can sell. Can you take a second to scroll up and look at our featured photo?
I chose that photo because of the topic I'm writing on. As an information marketer, there are many people looking forward to you to help them find solutions to that problem and you shouldn't disappoint them. Choose a niche that you're a specialist in and then research properly before writing. Our first eBook, Making Millions In Your Dark Room took us more than 3 months to complete and the subsequent ones didn't take anything lesser than that.
And I feel fulfilled anytime someone calls me in gratitude for the eBook in fact, I've gotten several emails of people requesting to reproduce parts of the eBook and you know what that means.
The eBook is on how to make money online, but this time around, we'll be sharing 25 amazing information marketing ideas that sell well in Nigeria:
Affiliate Marketing: You can teach people how to become successful in affiliate marketing with examples that have worked for you.
- Bulk SMS: People know of bulk SMS but just a few know how to earn from it or even start it. You can write an eBook on how to start bulk SMS and sell to people, your target audience should be the youths.
- Business Ideas Compendium: A compendium is a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication. Which business idea do you know about or have you tried? You can write an eBook on them and sell to people. There are many people looking for the best businesses to invest in.
- Business Plans: You can choose specific business plans and write on them, we have written done 10 businesses you can start with ₦100,000 and you can take ideas from there.
- Business Promotion Tips: Are you talented in helping businesses increase their profit, well many brands are looking for you. However, excelling by writing this type of e-book is not an easy task as you should have previous evidences that you're really talented.
- Business Setup Guide: You can compile an eBook on different businesses and how to set them up. Alternatively, you can pick up a business and write an eBook on it, it all depends on your choice.
- Career Guide: A career guide is an individual or publication that provides guidance to people facing a variety of career challenges. Many people are looking for someone to guide them through the best career path to take and you can be one of the guides.
- Cookbooks: You can compile an eBook on any dish (or dishes) whether international or local and people would be willing to buy them.
- Current Affairs: How much do you know history? Tell us but make sure the eBook has something special to offer.
- Exportation Guide: Importation and exportation guides are hot-cakes, especially when you can teach how to start it with little capital.
- Farming Guide: Are you a trained agriculturist? This is a good time to utilize your knowledge and skills by teaching other people how to excel in it.
- Fashion Catalogue: Fashion designers and tailors need catalogues for keeping up to the fashion trends and you can compile and sell these trends to them.
- Food Processing Guide: Whether garri processing guide or...what have you, you can teach us how to do it and make your money.
- Freelancing: Many people are talented writers but are in need of how to get paid as one. If you know about it, you can as well teach them that. There are also other freelancing skills like graphics designing, website creation, app creation, video editing and more. if you want to start e]getting paid as a freelancer, you can check out our eBook, 'Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer', it'll help you a lot.
- Health Tips: Are you a trained medical practitioner? Which foods should we stop eating? How beneficial is water to us? What is the best food to eat as an adult? You are in the best position to tell us these and more.
- Investment Tips: You can write an eBook for teaching the best types of investments and how to do them. Business ideas that sell well in a particular region can also fit in here.
- Internet Business Guide: How can I make money online is a question asked by many people and you can write an eBook to answer the question.
- Job Finding Guides: These include how to pass interviews, how to write an application letter and more.
- Love Hacks: These will sell well among the ladies as they are always looking for ways to make their man love them. Guys also read relationship tips too.
- Prayer Points: Among Christians, this is a good way of making money especially if you're a pastor or influential person.
- Project Topics And Materials: You can aid under-graduates in writing their projects by offering them the topics and materials necessary for it.
- Sample Letters: Some people don't really know how to write formal letters and can pay you to help them or buy your sample letters.
- Scholarship Tips: When is the best time to apply for a scholarship and how can I win one? What are the available scholarship opportunities for me? if you know these things, then you can write an eBook on them for other people to read.
- Security Tips: You can provide guides on how to be safe in a period of time in a region. For example, how to keep your kids safe during election.
- Sexual Wellness: Teach couples how to have healthy sex and other sex related issues.
- Song Lyrics: You can compile lyrics on trending songs and sell online to music lovers. The lyrics can easily be gotten on the internet so you won't have to do the typing, maybe just a little curation. 
- Visa Guide: How to apply for an international passport is a good example of a related topic. There are so many others and you should research and write on them.
- Weight Management Tips: Many guys and ladies are looking for how to reduce their weights and you can teach them that. The food to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, how many hours they should exercise and more.

How To Create The eBook

It's not worth it showing you information marketing ideas without showing you how to convert the ideas into a digital product. So let's go through the steps:
‣ Research on the topic and prepare your outline
‣ Write the eBook down in a Microsoft Word or any other word processor and save as .docx
‣ Create your eBook cover (you can check out these 11 amazing software for graphics designing)
‣ Format the eBook
‣ Convert the saved document to a  PDF file. You can use smallpdf.com to do that or any other tool.

You're done, you can go ahead to upload the eBook on Sellfy for sales and automatic downloads. Alternatively, you can decide to sell it to people manually, then when they pay you deliver to their mails.
This is just all you need to know about information marketing, I hope it helps you. The ideas written down are just a little out of the many awesome ideas and you should be creative enough in choosing one.
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