How To Start Snake Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start Snake Farming Business In Nigeria
Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Just like the other squamates, they are ectothermic and amniote vertebrates which are covered in overlapping scales.
Snakes are generally believed to be harmful even though there are many harmless species like the boas, bullsnake, garter, hognose, kingsnakes, pythons and rat snakes.
Harmless Snakes
The snake business is a lucrative but risky business that anyone can start. According to Dr Abubarkar Ballah the officer in charge of Snakebite Treatment and Research Centre, Kaltungo in Gombe State, rearing of snakes is a very lucrative business that can in no small way, aid in boosting the Nigerian economy.

Ways To Make Money From Snake Farming In Nigeria

There are many opportunities that are available for snake farmers and you should check them out if you'll ever think of venturing into snake business in Nigeria.
Some of them are:

  • Pharmaceutical industries: Due to the high demand of snake venom by the pharmaceutical industries, the price of snake venom is now very high. The current suppliers of these venom are yet to meet the demand, so to an extent, there is always a market. An ounce of snake venom can be sold for as high as $500, you can use the free exchange rate to check the value in your local currency.
  • Restaurants: I don't know if you already know but snake meats are delicacies in some tribes. When snakes like pythons are caught and killed, their meats can be used for cooking. Some people say that it tastes like fish, so it's great for pepper soups. Depending on the size of the snake used, you can sell them for as high as ₦50,000.
  • Fashion industry: As the love for fashion is increasing, more people are now willing to spend more om their wears unlike before. The demand for the skin of snakes like python has increased the profitability of the snake snake business in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. In fact, wears like original belts, shoes, jackets and even bags are being made with snake skins.
  • Zoos: If in your hunt for snakes you stumble upon any rare species or breeds of snakes, then you might be celebrating with some millions soonest. This is because zoos might show interest in the breed and purchase it from you at no little amount.
  • Pets: Some harmless species of snakes like pythons, rat snakes, hognose, cornsnakes, kingsnakes, boas, garter and bullsnake can be kept as pets. Although you might not find people to patronise it in Nigeria, exporting these harmless breeds of snakes can yield you some good foreign earnings.

How To Start Snake Business In Nigeria

Snake farming is already to an extent, popular in Nigeria as you can visit places like Tukur and Tukur snake farm to view what it's like. It is owned by Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai and located in Nasarawa State.
Indonesia also has some snake reservoirs, in fact they have the highest and export them to other countries of the world. So the concept of snake farming is not new to the world and has been very lucrative.
You can check out the steps that will guide you towards running your own snake farm:

  • Where to buy snakes: This is the first thing you should know especially when you won't be hunting for the snakes yourself. If you enter some local markets, you'll see women carrying bags of snakes that are either used as meats in their restaurants or sold to snake farmers. You can purchase from them or some other [popular local snake dealers in Nigeria. Alternatively, you can go to Benin Republic, there are enormous snake markets and you'll be sure to return home with much goods after a trip.
  • A good location: Although snakes are generally harmless unless when threatened, you still need to keep them farm in a secluded location. A good farm location should also be easily accessible to you at any time.
  • The snake foods: The snakes need to be fed since they are now more of farm animals. Most snakes live off rodents, insects, eggs, birds, fish, lizards, frogs and other small mammals. However, the bigger ones like the anacondas and pythons feed on bigger animals like the pigs and deer. Depending on the specie, smaller species like the threadsnakes can also be fed on eggs of small animals like ants and centipedes.
  • Target market: We have already stated them above but let's just scan through it again. The restaurants will need them for cooking foods. Fashion wears like belts, jackets, shoes and bags can be made from the skins of snakes. Pharmaceutical industries use snake venom for producing some drugs like anti-venom. You can also sell the snakes to zoos or individuals who will use them for recreational purposes or as pets.

Safety Measures Required In Snake Farming Business

Although we earlier stated that snakes are harmless unless threatened, we still need to share some safety precautions every snake  farmer should be conscious of.
  • Endeavour to wear gloves and boots while entering the snake farms to avoid being bitten by the animals.
  • Always have an anti-venom at reach in case of emergency. Anti-venom is a drug produced from antibodies and used for treating certain venomous bites or stings.

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In conclusion, snake farming is now becoming more lucrative as people are getting more enlightened on daily bass. People no longer kill the snakes as meats, but are researching on better ways of utilizing these wonderful creatures given to us by nature into making the world better.
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